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Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment

1994 Publications

  • Berlin, O.G.W., S.M. Novak, R.K. Porschen, E.G. Long, G.N. Stelma, and F.W. Schaefer, III. 1994. Recovery of Cyclospora organisms from patients with prolonged diarrhea. Clinical Infectious Diseases 18:606-609.
  • Clark, R.M., E. W. Rice, B. K. Pierce, C. H. Johnson, and K. R. Fox. 1994. Effect of aggregation on Vibrio cholerae inactivation. Journal of Environmental Engineering 120: 875-887.
  • Erlandsen, S.L., H. van Keulen, T. Brelje, A. Gurien, W. Jakubowski, F.W. Schaefer, III, P. Wallis, D. Feely, and E. Jarroll. 1994. Molecular approach to the speciation and detection of Giardia: fluorochrome-rDNA probes for identification of Giardia lamblia, Giardia muris, and Giardia ardeae in laboratory and environmental samples by in situ hybridization. In: Giardia: from molecules to disease, R.C.A. Thompson, J.A. Reynoldson and A.J. Lymbery (eds.). CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, UK, pp. 64-65.
  • Glover, N., A. Holtzman, T. Aronson, S. Froman, O.G.W. Berlin, P. Dominguez, K.A. Kunkel, G. Overturf, M. Yakrus, and G. Stelma, Jr. 1994. The isolation of Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) from Los Angeles potable water and the relatedness of water isolates to MAC isolates from AIDS patients. Int. J. Environ. Hlth. Res. 4:63-72.
  • Kaplan, L. A., D. J. Reasoner, and E. W. Rice. 1994. A survey of BOM in U.S. drinking waters. J. Amer. Water Works Assoc. 86:121-132.
  • Owens, J.H., R.J. Miltner, F.W. Schaefer, III, and E.W. Rice. 1994. Pilot-scale ozone Inactivation of Cryptosporidium. J. Eukaryotic Microbiol. 41:56S-57S.
  • Payment, P., E. Franco, and G. S. Fout. 1994 Incident of Norwalk virus infections during a prospective epidemiological study of drinking water related gastrointestinal illness. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 40:805-809.
  • Schaefer, F.W. 1994. Monitoring methodologies: an agency perspective. Proceedings 1993 Water Quality Technology Conference, American Water Works Association. Miami, FL, November 7-11, 1993, pp. 63-75.
  • Williams, F.P., Jr., and R.E. Stetler. 1994. Detection of FRNA coliphages in groundwater: interference of the assay by somatic salmonella bacteriophages. Letters in Applied Microbiology 19:79-82.

Other Years

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