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Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment

2000 Publications

  • Argueta C, S. Yoder, A. E. Holtzman, T. W. Aronson, N. Glover, O. G. Berlin, G. N. Stelma, Jr., S. Froman, and P. Tomasek. 2000. Isolation and identification of nontuberculous mycobacteria from foods as possible exposure sources. Journal of Food Protection 63:930-933.
  • Hester, J. D.,  H. D. A. Lindquist, A. M. Bobst, and F. Schaefer, III. 2000. Fluorescent in situ detection of Encephalitozoon hellem spores with a 6-carboxyfluorescein-labeled ribosomal RNA-targeted oligonucleotide probe. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 47:299-308.
  • Hurst, C. J. and H. D. A. Lindquist. 2000. Defining the ecology of viruses. In Hurst, C.J. (ed.), Viral Ecology. Academic Press. pp. 3-40.
  • Owens, J. H., R. J. Miltner, E. W. Rice, C. H. Johnson, D. R. Dahling, F. W. Schaefer III, and H. M. Shukairy. 2000. Pilot-scale ozone inactivation of Cryptosporidium and other microorganisms in natural water. Ozone Science & Engineering 22:501-517.
  • Santo Domingo, J. W., S. Harmon, and J. Bennett. 2000. Survival of Salmonella species in river water. Current Microbiology 40:409-417.
  • Vesper, S. J., D. G. Dearborn, O. Elidemir, and R. A. Haugland. 2000. Quantification of siderophore and hemolysin from Stachybotrys chartarum strains, including a strain isolated from the lung of a child with pulmonary hemorrhage and hemosiderosis. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 66:2678-2681.
  • Vesper S. J., D. G. Dearborn, I. Yike, T. Allan, J. Sobolewski, S. F. Hinkley, B. B. Jarvis, and R. A. Haugland. 2000. Evaluation of Stachybotrys chartarum in the house of an infant with pulmonary hemorrhage: quantitative assessment before, during, and after remediation. Journal of Urban Health 77:68-85.
  • Wolk, D. M., C. H. Johnson, E.W. Rice, M. M. Marshall, K. F. Grahn, C. B. Plummer, and C. R. Sterling. 2000. A spore counting method and cell culture model for chlorine disinfection studies of Encephalitozoon syn. Septata intestinali. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 66:1266-1273.

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