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Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment

2008 Publications

  • Antoniou, M.G., J.A. Schoemaker, A.A. de la Cruz, D.D. Dionysiou. 2008. LC/MS/MS structiure elucidation of reaction intermediates formed during the TiO photocatalysis of mycrocystin-LR. Toxicon 51:1103-1118.
  • Antoniou, M.G., J.A. Schoemaker, A.A. de la Cruz, D.D. Dionysiou. 2008. Unveiling new degradation intermediates/pathways from the photocatalytic degradation of microcystin-L.R. Environmental Science & Technology 42(23):8877-8883.
  • de la Cruz, A.A., P. Rublee, J.M. Hungerford, P.V. Zimba, S. Wilhelm, J.A.O. Meriluoto, K. Echols, M.T. Meyer, G. Stelma, R. Mandeville, L. Lawton, K.Sivonen and A. Furey. 2008. Exposure assessment in 2005 Monograph on the International Symposium on Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Bloom. K. Hudnell, ed. Durham, NC. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 619:469-481.
  • Hayes, S.L., M. Sivaganesan, K.M. White and S.L. Pfaller. 2008. Assessing the effectiveness of low pressure ultraviolet light for inactivating Mycobacterium avium Complex (MAC) microorganisms. Letters in Applied Microbiology 47:386-392.
  • Iossifova, Y., T. Reponen, H. Sucharew, P. Succop, S. Vesper. 2008. Use of (1-3)-beta-d-glucan concentrations in dust as a surrogate method for estimating specific mold exposures. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 18:225-232.
  • Li, L. and A.P. Dufour. 2008. Using IFH-gamma as a biomarker for detecting exposure to viral pathogens. Current Microbiology 56(1):84-88.
  • Matthews, S., D. Ginzl, K. Sherin, J. Middaugh, R. Hammond, D. Bodager, K. Komatsu, J. Weiss, N. Pascoe, F. Marciano-Cabral, E. Villegas, G. Visvesvara, J. Yoder, B. Eddy, L. Capewell, R. Sriram. K. Bandyopadhyay, Y. Qvarnstrom, A. DaSilva, S. Johnston, L. Xiao, V. Hill, S. Roy and M.J. Beach. 2008. Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis - Arizona, Florida and Texas. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 57:573-577.
  • Shanks, O.C., E. Atikovic, A.D. Blackwood, J. Lu, R.T. Noble, J. Santo Domingo, S. Siefring, M. Sivaganesan and R.A. Haugland. 2008. Quantitative PCR for genetic markers of bovine fecal pollution. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 74:745-752.
  • Siefring, S., M. Varma, E. Atikovic, L. Wymer and R.A. Haugland. 2008. Improved real-time PCR assays for the detection of fecal indicator bacteria in surface waters with diffeerent instrument and reagent systems. Journal of Water and Health 6:225-237.
  • Sivaganesan, M., S. Seifring, M. Varma, R.A. Haugland and O.C. Shanks. 2008. A Bayesian method for calculating real-time quantitative PCR calibration curves using absolute plasmid DNA standards. BCM Bioinformatics 9:120.
  • Varughese, E.A., L.J. Wymer and R.A. Haugland. 2008. An integrated culture and real-time PCR method to assess viability of disinfectant treated Bacillus spores using robotics and the MPN quantification method. Journal of Microbiological Methods 71:66-70.
  • Vesper, S., C. McKinstry, C. Hartmann, M. Neace, S. Yoder and A. Vesper. 2008. Quantifying fungal viability in air and water samples using quantitative PCR after treatment with propidium monoazide (PMA). Journal of Microbiological methods 72(2):180-184.
  • Vesper, S., C. McKinstry, R. Haugland, L. Neas, E. Hudgens, B. Heidenfelder and J. Gallagher. 2008. Higher Environmental Moldiness Index (ERMIsm) values measured in Detroit homes of severely asthmatic children. Science of the Total Environment 394(1):192-196.
  • Vesper, S.J., W. Wong, M. Kuo and D.L. Pierson. 2008. Mold species in dust from the International Space Station identified and quantified by mold specific quantitative PCR. Research in Microbiology 159:432-435.
  • Wade, T.J., R.J. Calderon, K.P. Brenner, E. Sams, M. Beach, R. Haugland, L. Wymer and A. Dufour. 2008. A rapid method of measuring recreational water quality demonstrates an enhanced sensitivity of children to swimming-associated gastronintestinal illness. Epidemiology 19(3):375-383.
  • Wang, W., P. Chen, E.N. Villegas, R.B. Landy, C. Kanetsky, V. Cama, T. Dearen, C.L. Schultz, K.G. Orndorff, G.J.Prelewicz, M.H. Brown, K.R. Young and L. Xiao. 2008. Cryptosporidium source tracking in the Potomac River watershed. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 74(21):6495- 6504.

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