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Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment

2010 Publications

  • Ashbolt, N.J., M.E. Schoen, J.A. Soller and D.J. Roser. Predicting pathogen risks to aid beach management. The real value of quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA). Water Research 44(16):4692-4703(2010).
  • Dorevitch, S., N.J. Ashbolt, C.M. Ferguson, R. Fujioka, C.D. McGee, J.A. Soller and R.L. Whitman. Meeting Report: Knowledge and gaps in developing microbial criteria for inland recreational waters. Environmental Health Perspectives 118(6):871-876(2010).
  • Faulkner, B.R., Y. Olivas, M.W. Ware, M.G. Roberts, J.F. Groves, K.S. Bates and S.L. McCarty. Removal efficiencies and attachment coefficients for Cryptosporidium in sandy alluvial riverbank sediment. Water Research 44:2725-2734(2010).
  • Haugland, R.A., M. Varma, M. Sivaganesan, C. Kelty, L. Peed and O.C. Shanks. Evaluation of genetic markers from the 16S rRNA gene V2 region for use in quantitative detection of selected Bacteroidales species and human fecal waste by qPCR. Systematic and Applied Microbiology 33(6):348-357(2010).
  • Hayes, S.L., D.J. Lye, C.A. McKinstry and S.J. Vesper. Aeromonas caviae strain induces Th 1 cytokine response in mouse intestinal tract. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 56(1):27-31(2010).
  • Johnson, T.B., L.D. McKay, A.C Layton, S.W. Jones, G.C. Johnson, J.L. Cashdollar, D.R. Dahling, L.F. Villegas, G.S. Fout, D.E.Williams and G. Sayler. Viruses and bacteria in karst and fractured rock aquifiers in East Tennessee, USA. Ground Water(Mar 19) 2010. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Klein, M. , L. Brown, R.W. Tucker, N.J. Ashbolt, R.M. Stuetz and D.J Roser. Diversity and abundance of zoonotic pathogens and faecal indicators in cattle feedlot manures in Australia. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76: (Aug 27)(2010).
  • Lin, K-T, M. Schrantz, O. Sandagdorj, Y-F. Keng, G. Boothe and S.J. Vesper. Comparison of mold concentrations quantified by MSQPCR in air and dust samples versus spore trap analysis. Frontiers in BioScience E3:108-114(2010).
  • Massie, G.N., M.W. Ware, E.N. Villegas and M.W. Black. Uptake and transmission of Toxoplasma gondii oocysts by migratory filter-feeding fish. Veterinary Parisitology 169(3-4):296-303(2010).
  • Medina-Vera, M., J.M. Van-Emon, L. J. Melnyk, K.D. Bradham, S.L. Harper and J.N. Morgan. An overview of measurement method tools available to communities for conducting exposure and cumulative risk assessments. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology 20(4):359-370(2010).
  • Parshionikar, S., I. Laseke and G.S. Fout. Use of propidium monoazide in reverse transcriptase PCR to distinguish between infectious and noninfectious enteric viruses in water samples. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76(13):4318-4326(2010).
  • Schoen, M.E. and N.J. Ashbolt. Assessing pathogen risk to swimmers at non-sewage impacted recreatonal beaches. Environmental Science and Technology 44(7):2286-2291(2010).
  • Shanks,O.C., K. White, C.A. Kelty, S. Hayes, M. Sivaganesan, M. Jenkins, M. Varma and R.A Haugland. Performance assessment PCR-based assays targeting Bacteroidales genetic markers of bovine fecal pollution. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76(5):1359-1366(2010).
  • Shanks,O.C., K. White, C.A. Kelty, M. Sivaganesan, J. Blannon, M. Meckes, M. Varma and R.A. Haugland. Performance of PCR-based assays targeting Bacteroidales genetic markers of human fecal pollution in sewge and fecal samples. Environmental Science and Technology 44(16):6281-6288(2010).
  • Soller, J.A., T. Bartrand, N.J. Ashbolt, J.E. Ravenscroft and T.J. Wade. Estimating the primary etiologic agents in recreational freshwaters impacted by human sources of faecal contamination. Water Research 44(16): 4736-4747(2010).
  • Soller, J.A., M.E. Schoen, T. Bartrand, J.E. Ravenscroft and N.J. Ashbolt. Estimated human health risks from exposure to recreational water impacted by human and non-human sources of faecal contamination. Water Research 44(16):4674-4691(2010).
  • Villegas, E.N., S.J. Augustine, L.F. Villegas, M.W. Ware, M.J. See, H.D. Lindquist, F.W. Schaefer III and J.P. Dubey. Using quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR and cell culture plaque assays to determine resistance of Toxopasma gondii oocysts to chemical sanitizers. Journal of Microbiological Methods 81(3):219-225(2010).
  • Ware, M.W., S.J. Augustine, D.O. Erisman, M.J. See, L. Wymer, S.L. Hayes, J.P. Dubey and E.N. Villegas. Determining UV inactivation of Toxoplasma gondii oocysts by using cell culture and a mouse bioassay. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76(15):5140-5147(2010).
  • Ware, M.W., and E.N. Villegas. Improved Cryptosporidium parvum oocyst propagation using dexamethasone suppressed CF-1 mice. Veterinary Parasitology 168(3-4):329-331(2010).
  • Whitman, R.L., Z. Ge, M.B. Nevers, A.B. Boehm, E.C. Chern, R.A. Haugland, A.M. Lukasik, M. Molina, D. Przybyla-Kelly, D.A. Shively, E.M. White, R.G. Zepp and M.N. Byappanahalli. Relationship and variation of qPCR and culturable enterococci estimates in ambient surface waters are predictable. Environmental Science and Technology 44(13):5049-5054(2010).

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