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Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment

2011 Publications

  • Buse, H.Y. and N. Ashbolt. Differential growth of Legionella pneumophila strains within a range of amoebae at various temperatures associated with in-premise plumbing. Letters in Applied Microbiology 53(2):217-224(2011).
  • Buse, H.Y., A. Brehm, J.W. Domingo and N.J. Ashbolt. Screening-level assays for potentially human-infectious environmental Legionella spp. Journal of Microbiology 49(2):200-207(2011).
  • Chern, E.C., S. Siefring, J. Paar, M. Doolittle and R.A. Haugland. Comparison of quantitative PCR assays for Escherichia coli targeting ribosomal RNA and single copy genes. Letters in Applied Microbiology 52(3):298-306(2011).
  • Green, H.C., O.C. Shanks, M. Sivaganesan, R.A. Haugland and K.G. Field. Differential decay of human faecal Bacteroides in marine and fresh water. Environmental Microbiology 13(12):3235-3249(2011).
  • Griffin, S., I.M. Chen, G. Fout, T.J. Wade and A. Egorov. Development of a multiplex microsphere immunoassay for the quantitation of salivary antibody responses to selected waterborne pathogens. Journal of Immunological Methods 364(1-2):83-93(2011).
  • Johansson, E., S.J. Vesper, L. Levin, G. LeMasters, S. Grinshpun and T. Responen. Streptomycetes in house dust: associations with housing characteristics and endotoxin. Indoor Air 21(4):300-310(2011).
  • Johnson, T.B., L.D. McKay, A.C. Layton, S.W. Jones, G.C. Johnson, J.L. Cashdollar, D.R. Dahling, L.F. Villegas, G.S. Fout, D.E. Williams and G. Sayler. Viruses and bacteria in Karst and fractured rock aquifers in East Tennessee, USA. Ground Water 49(1):98-110(2011).
  • Lau, H.A., A. Brehm, J.W. Santo-Domingo and N. Asbolt. Screening-level assays for potentially human-infectious environmental Legionella spp. The Journal of Microbiology 49(2):200-207(2011).
  • Lin, K.,M. Schrantz, O. Sandagdorj, Y. Keng, G. Boothe and S.J. Vesper. Spore trap analysis and MSQPCR in evaluating mold burden. A flooded gymnasium case study. Frontiers in Bioscience 3(1):108-114(2011).
  • Lu, J., H. Ryu, S. Hill, M.E. Schoen, N. Ashbolt, T.A. Edge and J.W. Santo-Domingo. Distribution and potential significance of a gull fecal marker in urban coastal and riverine areas of Southern Ontario, Canada. Water Research 45(13):3960-3968(2011).
  • Lu, J., H. Ryu, J.W. Santo-Domingo, J.F. Griffith and N. Ashbolt. Molecular detection of campylobacter spp. in California gull (Larus californicus) excreta. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77(14):5034-5039(2011).
  • Lye, D. and J. Acosta. Effects of prolonged chlorine exposure upon PCR detection of Helicobacter pylori. Current Microbiology 62(3):727-732(2011).
  • Nayak, A.P., B.J. Green, E. Janotka, J.M. Hettick, S. Friend, S.J. Vesper, D. Schmechel and D.H. Beezhold. Monoclonal antibodies to hyphal exoantigens derived from the opportunistic pathogen Aspergillus terreus. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 18(9):1568-1576(2011).
  • Nayak, A.P., B.J. Green, E. Janotka, F.M. Blachere, S.J. Vesper, D.H. Beezhold and D. Schmechel. Production and characterization of Igm monoclonal antibodies against hyphal antigens of Stachybotrys species. Hybridoma 30(1):29-36(2011).
  • Reponen, T., S.J. Vesper, L Levin, E. Johnson, P. Ryan, J. Burkle, S.A. Grinshpun, S. Zheng, D.I Bernstein, J. Lockey, M. Villareal, G.K. Khurana Hershey and G. LeMasters. High Environmental Relative Moldiness Index during infancy as a predictor of asthma at 7 years of age. Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology 107(2):120-126(2011).
  • Rhodes, E., D.W. Hamilton, M.J. See and L.J. Wymer. Effect of filtration rates on hollow fiber ultrafilter concentraton of viruses and protozoans from large volumes of water. Journal of Virological Methods 176(1-2):38-45(2011).
  • Ryu, H, T. Tran, M.W. Ware, B. Iker, S. Griffin, A Egorov, T. Edge, N. Newmann, E.N. Villegas and J.W. Santo-Domingo. Application of leftover sample material from waterborne protozoa monitoring for the molecular detection of Bacteroidales and fecal source tracking markers. Journal of Microbiological Methods 86(3):337-343(2011).
  • Schoen, M.E. and N. Ashbolt. An inpremise model for Legionella exposure during showering. Water Research 45(18):5826-5836(2011).
  • Schoen, M.E., J.A. Soller and N. Ashbolt. Evaluating the importance of fecal sources in human-impacted waters. Water Research 45(8):2670-2680(2011).
  • Sen, K., Acosta, J. and Lye, D.J. The effects of prolonged chlorine exposure upon PCR detection of Helicobacter pylori DNA. Current Microbiology 62(3):727-732(2011).
  • Sivaganesan, M., Siefring, S., Varma, M. and Haugland, R.A. MPN estimation of qPCR target sequence recoveries from whole cell calibrator samples. Journal of Microbiological Methods 87(3):343-349(2011).
  • Vesper, S.J. Traditional mold analysis compared to a DNA-based method of mold analysis with applications in asthmatics' homes. Critical Reviews in Microbiology 37(1):15-24(2011).
  • Vesper, S.J., J. Wakefield, P. Ashley, D. Cox, G. Dewalt and W. Friedman. Geographic distribution of Environmental Moldiness Index (ERMI) in U.S. homes. Journal of Environmental and Public Health (Article ID 2424):1-11(2011).

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