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Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment

EPA Microbiology Resources

Scientists in EPA’s microbiology program have developed a variety of methods to detect and study bacteria, viruses, protozoans and mold. These methods are used by EPA and state and regional water quality managers to protect human health by keeping drinking water safe.

Method 1605

Method 1601 , 1602

Method 1622, 1623, Images, Method Criteria

E. coli
Method 1103.1, 1603, 1604 (MI Agar), Recreationa

l Water

Method 1106.1, 1600, Recreational Water

Mold Detection Technology

Software Program
MPN Software Program

Total Coliforms
Method 1604 (MI Agar)

Method 1623, Images, Method Criteria

EPA Virus Methods Manual, Images

See Online Publications for brief descriptions of the above methods and for other publications. Additional microorganism-related Regulatory Support and Drinking Water Health documents are also available as is a listing of Approved Methods and Training modules.


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