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Image Libraries
1 Mold in the Environment
2 Magnified Mold
3 Moisture and Moisture Damage
4 Prevention
5 Mold in Buildings
6 Finding Mold and Moisture
7 Cleaning, Remediation
  Animated Images

The image library contains mold-related images in seven categories. There are also animated images that you can choose to view and download. Each photo has a larger, higher resolution version. To download the higher resolution version of a photo, click on the thumbnail. When the window opens, right click and choose whether you want to copy or print the photo. If copying, paste the photo into a photo-editor program or presentation.

These photos may be used for presentations and educational purposes without contacting EPA — please see EPA's Privacy and Security Notice for more information.

Gallery 1: Mold in the Environment

Mold growing outdoors on firewood

Mold growing outdoors on firewood. Molds come in many colors; both white and black molds are shown here.

Decomposing leaves.

Decomposing leaves.

Orange colored mushroom growing on forest floor amid pine needles.

Orange colored mushroom growing on forest floor amid pine needles.

Partially decomposed beech leaves

Partially decomposed beech leaves.

Mold on bread.

Mold on bread. (Note growth has started on the exterior and is gradually expanding and growing into the interior of the bread.)

Partially decomposed beech leaves.

Partially decomposed beech leaves.

Mushroom: Grey Ink Cap mushroom commonly found in gardens and on compost.

Mushroom: Grey Ink Cap mushroom. (photo courtesy of Terry Brennan)

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