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MRLC Applications Publications

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Selected Applications:

Wickham JD, Riitters KH, Wade TG, Coan M, Homer C. 2007. The effect of Appalachian mountaintop mining on interior forest. Landscape Ecology 22:179-187.

Wickham JD, Riitters KH, Wade TG, Coulston JW. 2007. Temporal change in forest fragmentation at multiple scales. Landscape Ecology 22:481-489.

Mehaffey, M.H., Nash, M.S., Neale, A.C. and Pitchford, A.M. 2007. Biological Integrity in Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plains Headwater Streams. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 124(1-3):141-156. Journal Article Exit EPA Disclaimer

Radeloff VC, Hammer RG, Stewart SI, Fried JS, Holcomb SS, McKeefry JF. The wildland-urban interface in the United States. Ecological Applications 15:799-805.

Lawler JJ, White D, Masters LL. 2003. Integrating representation and vulnerability: two approaches for prioritizing areas for conservation. Ecological Applications 13:1762-1772. Journal Article Exit EPA Disclaimer

Tankersley, Jr., R. and Orvis, K. 2003. Modeling the Geography of Migratory Pathways and Stopover Habitats for Neotropical Migratory Birds. Conservation Ecology 7(1): 7. Journal Article. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Wade TG. 2003. Forest fragmentation: Differentiating between human and natural causes. (PDF) (2pp, 1MB) Fact Sheet. USEPA. NERL-LV-ESD-03-154.

Wade TG, Wickham JD, Nash MS, Neale AC, Riitters KH, Jones KB. 2003. A comparison of vector and raster GIS methods for calculating landscape metrics used in environmental assessments. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 69:1399-1405.

Riitters KH and Wickham JD. 2003. How far to the nearest road? Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 1:125-129.

Volstad JH, Roth NE, Mercurio G, Southerland MT, Strebel DE. 2003. Using environmental stressor information to predict the ecological status of Maryland non-tidal streams as measured by biological indicators. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 84:219-242. Journal Article. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Heinz Center, The. 2002. The State of the Nation's Ecosystems: Measuring the Lands, Waters and Living Resources of the United States. Exit EPA Disclaimer The H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment, Cambridge University Press, New York.

Riitters KH, Wickham JD, O'Neill RV, Jones KB, Smith ER, Coulston JW, Wade TG, and Smith JH. 2002. Fragmentation of continental United States forests. Ecosystems 5: 815-822.

Wickham JD, O'Neill RV, Riitters KH, Smith ER, Wade TG, and Jones KB. 2002. Geographic targeting of increases in nutrient export due to future urbanization. Ecological Applications 12:93-106.

Durbrow RP, Burns NB, Richardson JR, and Berish CW. 2001. Southeastern ecological framework: a planning tool for managing ecosystem integrity. Proceedings of the 2001 Georgia Water Resources Conference, March 26-27, 2001, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Jones KB, Neale AC, Nash MS, Van Remortel RD, Wickham JD, Riitters KH, and O'Neill RV. 2001. Predicting nutrient and sediment loadings to streams from landscape metrics: a multiple watershed study from the United States mid-Atlantic Region. Landscape Ecology 16:301-312.

Smith JH, Wickham JD, Norton DJ, Wade TG, and Jones KB. 2001. Utilization of Landscape Indicators to Model Potential Pathogen Impaired Waters, Journal of the American Water Resources Association 37:805-814. Journal Abstract Exit EPA Disclaimer


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