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Nanotechnology Research

Nanotechnology Research Publications

A selected list of peer-reviewed manuscripts published in journals and reports produced by researchers in the Nanotechnology Research Program and EPA-funded researchers is provided below. For more information on publications and science activities, visit the Science Inventory.

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Jasper, A., H.H. Salih, G.A. Sorial, R. Sinha, R. Krishnan and C.L. Patterson. (2010) "Impact of Nanoparticles and Natural Organic Matter on the Removal of Organic Pollutants by Activated Carbon Adsorption." Exit EPA Disclaimer Environmental Engineering Science. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Larchmont, NY, 27(1):85-93.

Agarwal, S., S. R. Al-Abed, D. D. Dionysiou, and E. Graybill. (2009) "Reactivity of Substituted Chlorines and Ensuing Dechlorination Pathways of Select PCB Congeners with Pd/Mg Bimetallics." Exit EPA Disclaimer Environmental Science and Technology. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 43(3):915-921.

Choi, H., S. Agarwal, AND S. R. AL-ABED. Adsorption And Simultaneous Dechlorination Of PCBs On GAC/Fe/Pd: Mechanistic Aspects And Reactive Capping Barrier Concept. J. Schnoor (ed.), ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 43(2):488-493, (2009).

Agarwal, S., S. R. Al-Abed, and D. D. Dionysiou. (2008)  "Magnesium-Based Corrosion Nano-Cells for Reductive Transformation of Contaminants." Exit EPA Disclaimer  Chapter 23,  Nanotechnology Applications for Clean Water. William Andrew Publishing, Norwich, NY, 337-345. 

FANG, J. AND S. R. AL-ABED. Correlation Of 2-Chlorobiphenyl Dechlorination By Fe/Pd With Iron Corrosion At Different pH. J. Schnoor (ed.), ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. ACS, Washington, DC, 42(18):6942-6948, (2008).Choi, H., S. R. Al-Abed, S. Agarwal, and D. D. Dionysiou. Synthesis Of Reactive Nano-Fe/Pd Bimetallic System-Impregnated Activated Carbon For The Simultaneous Adsorption And Dechlorination Of PCBs. L.V. Interrante (ed.), Chemistry of Materials., 20(11):3649-3655, (2008).

Vapor Phase Mercury Sorption by Organic Sulfide Modified Bimetallic Iron-Copper Nanoparticle Aggregates, A. Makkuni, R.S. Varma, S. K. Sikdar, D. Bhattacharyya: Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 46, 1305 (2007).