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National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory

NAREL 20th Year Celebration

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Protecting Public Health

On April 29, 2011 EPA’s National Air and Radiation Environmental Laboratory (NAREL) will celebrate its 20th anniversary at its current site on the Gunter Annex to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.  From 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. there will be a formal speaking program at Building 1502, NAREL’s new emergency response building.  After the speaking program there will be guided tours of the facility to overview NAREL’s capabilities, accomplishments, and ongoing work in support of EPA’s national mission.

We are pleased to announce that Gina McCarthy, EPA’s Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation (OAR), and Michael P. Flynn, Director of EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation and Indoor Air (ORIA), will participate as speakers in the celebration.  Other invited speakers include Alabama Governor Robert Bentley; Todd Strange, Mayor of Montgomery; and representatives of the U.S. Air Force on Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.  Captain Sam Windham, U.S. Public Health Service, a former director at NAREL, will provide a brief look at NAREL’s history since its beginning in the 1940’s. 

In addition to invited guests from other parts of EPA and from other agencies, a number of former NAREL staff have been invited to the celebration.  We look forward to a day of collegial exchange and an opportunity to look ahead. 

If you would like additional information on this event, please contact Chuck Petko at

petko.charles@epa.gov or at 334-270-3411.

Photograph of the US EPA NAREL Building


Photos of Event


Entering Gunter Annex, Directions to NAREL, and Parking
20th Anniversary Celebration, April 29, 2011


Base Entrance

1.  Enter Gunter Annex at the Congressman Dickinson gate.
2.  Stop at gate.
3.  Show gate guard your driver’s license and tell him/her your name is on a list they have allowing you on the installation for the EPA event.
4.  If you have a retired military ID, show this to the guard.  You should be admitted to the installation.
5.  There will be an EPA employee at this gate with a list of names to help in case there is a problem.
6.  Be sure to have your driver’s license, vehicle tag registration, and proof of insurance in your possession in case these are requested by the guard.

Directions to EPA Facility

1.  After you pass through the Gunter Annex gate (entering from Congressman Dickinson Drive) you will be on Turner Boulevard.
3.  Proceed to the second right turn, which will be Spaatz St.  Turn right onto Spaatz.
4.  Go to the end of Spaatz St. and turn left onto Morris Avenue.
5.  Cross the railroad tracks and turn right at the first driveway.  You are on EPA property.
6.  Proceed down the driveway, approximately 100 yards, to the parking area.

Where to Park

1.  There will be reserved parking for some dignitaries.
2.  All other guests may park on either side of the driveway between the main laboratory (Building 1504) and the Emergency Response building (Building 1502).  The event will be held in the Emergency Response building.
3.  EPA employees will be at the driveway to direct you to a parking space if needed.
4.  Handicapped parking will be available.

National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory
540 South Morris Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36115-2600
(334) 270-3400 Voice, (334) 270-3454 Fax

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