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National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory

Incident Guides

These documents describe the likely analytical decision paths that would be required by personnel at a radioanalytical laboratory following a radiological or nuclear incident, such as that caused by a terrorist attack. EPA's responsibilities, as outlined in the National Response Plan Nuclear/ Radiological Incident Annex, include response and recovery actions to detect and identify radioactive substances and to coordinate federal radiological monitoring and assessment activities. These documents were developed to provide guidance to those radioanalytical laboratories that will support EPA's response and recovery actions following a radiological or nuclear Incident of National Significance (INS).

  • Air Analysis Guide EPA 402-R-09-007

  • Core Operations Guide EPA 402-R-10-002

  • Screening Analysis Guide EPA-402-R-09-008

  • Use of Swipe Samples EPA 600-R-11-122

  • Water Analysis Guide EPA 402-R-07-007

  • Contamination Guide EPA 402-R-12-005

  • Method Validation Guide EPA 402-R-09-006

  • Soil Guide EPA 402-R-12-006

  • Field and Lab Guide EPA 402-R-12-007

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