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National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory

Urban Air Monitoring

Photo of a filter being weighed to determine particulate matter
Filter being weighed to determine particulate matter captured from urban air.
Photo of a scientist performing ion chromatography
Ion chromatography is used to determine ionic species present in air.
"Ultra Fine Particles"

A quality assurance program is operated by the laboratory to support the PM2.5 Chemical Speciation Air Monitoring Network.
The PM2.5 air monitoring network, managed by Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards (OAQPS), collects data on the levels
and composition of ultra fine particulate matter in urban areas across the nation. NAREL performs a variety of quality assurance
tasks to ensure the integrity and validity of the data collected by the network. These tasks include oversight of contractor
laboratories through on-site audits, analysis of routine quality assurance samples, and performance of evaluation samples.

NAREL, in conjunction with the National Center for Radiation Field Operations in Las Vegas, also provides quality
assurance support to the field activities associated with the network. Field personnel receive training on air samplers, field audits
are conducted, and quality assurance samples are collected and analyzed. All of these activities ensure that decisions made by
the Agency regarding ultra fine particulate matter are based on data of the highest quality.

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