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National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory

Rapid Methods

The rapid methods below supplement guidance in a planned series designed to present radioanalytical laboratory personnel, Incident Commanders (and their designees), and other field response personnel with key laboratory operational considerations and likely radioanalytical requirements, decision paths, and default data quality and measurement quality objectives for samples taken after a radiological or nuclear incident, including incidents caused by a terrorist attack.

  • Preface to 3rd Edition (Online) 4-16-2014

  • Air Filter Dissolution by Acid Digestion EPA 402-R-12-009

  • Air Filter Dissolution by Na Carbonate Fusion EPA 402-R-12-008

  • Am-241 in Water EPA-402-R-1001a

  • Pu-238-239 in Water EPA 402-R-10-001b

  • P-32 EPA-600-R-11-1811

  • Soil Dissolution by Fusion for Sr-90 EPA 600-R-12-640

  • Sr-90 in Water EPA 402-R-10-001d

  • Ra-226 in Water EPA 402-R-10-001c

  • Rapid Radiochemical Methods In Water EPA 402-R-10-001

  • Soil Dissolution by Fusion for Am Pu U EPA 600-R-12-636+637+638

  • Soil Dissolution by Fusion for Ra EPA 600-R-12-635

  • Uranium in Water EPA 402-R-10-001e

  • SR-90 In Building Materials EPA 402-R-14-001

  • Ra-226 In Building Materials EPA 402-R14-002

  • RTG Dissolution by Fusion EPA 402-R14-003

  • Concrete and Brick Dissolution by Fusion EPA 402-R14-004

  • U Isotopes in Building Materials EPA 402-R14-005

  • Pu-238-239 In Building Materials EPA 402-R14-006

  • Am-241 In Building Materials EPA 402-R14-007

  • Am-241 In Brick EPA 402-R14-008

  • Pu-238 239 In Brick EPA 402-R14-009

  • Ra-226 In Brick EPA 402-R14-010

  • Sr-90 In Brick EPA 402-R14-011

  • U Isotopes In Brick EPA 402-R14-012

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