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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

National Dialogue Session with EPA Science Forum Attendees

May 21, 2008
Washington, DC

Introductions/setting stage:  EPA Division Director in Office of Environmental Information

Discussion moderator:  Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Environmental Information (EPA)

USGS representative:  Interested in metrics on sustainability, particularly water resources

NGO representative

University student:

USGS:  Need to watch Quality of data

Student: if data are tied to publication, should look at that as pedigree




USGS: Top managers want pictures not tables, we are the ‘old dogs.’

EPA:  Geospatial stacking can help in presentation

University Professor:

EPA:  data come from states and inventories submitted to EPA

University Professor:

EPA Researcher:

EPA: Need to consider what use is and related criteria.  We need to do better job of getting people to understand quality and use appropriately



EPA Scientist,

EPA Region1 staff:  each office has own presentation and style, need guidelines to better index information

EPA:  we are trying to redesign website for more common look and findability

EPA Researcher– chemical specific information, available at other agencies, better linking don’t reinvent information

University professor:  GEOSS question  -- what are you doing?

EPA GEOSS lead:  focusing on EPA, resource but recognize need to cross to other agencies and countries, looking at other agencies’ best practices


EPA: We are working with Nature Serve, Google has taken FRS, all are concerned about quality


EPA: We need to continue, feedback regroup, then recycle our processes.

NGO2:  communications

Q: What would you do?


EPA Researcher 2:

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