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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Summary of National Dialogue Session with EPA’s National Quality and Statistics Conference Attendees

Seattle, Washington
April 24, 2008

What types of information do you use?

Endangered species information for pesticide registration reviews in particular

Emerging issues

People finder

Directions on future planning

Internal information sharing

Need to consider quality of data and how we provide access to information

Need to start with idea of what we need to know to affect change.

How Do You Use the Information?

Secondary data users – Citations of source data are needed

Get Generators to attach pedigree

Metadata Hotline!  Where to find it, what it means (is it good enough?)

Data Quality ‘Indicators’

When is quality most vulnerable?  Lab component vs. field component, knowing relative quality/uncertainty values.

Annual Performance Reports to Hill, links to performance/environmental results, connecting activities with outcomes, relation to public welfare

How Do You Want to Get/ Access the Information?

How Do You Make Your Information Available? 

Debate:  Balance of Quality and Access

Last comments:  What needs to be fixed?

Specific data requests:

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