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Global Change Impacts & Adaptation

Global Change Impacts & Adaptation Staff

Anne Grambsch
Acting Staff Director
Phone : 703-347-8621
Research Areas : National Climate Assessment; Decision Support; Human Health; Environmental Economics

Britta Bierwagen
Phone : 703-347-8613
Research Areas : Adaptation; National Climate Assessments; Scenarios; Traits; Vulnerability Assessment; Water Quality; Ecosystems; Bioassessment; Climate Change Monitoring; Indicators; Land-use and Land-cover Change; Invasive Species

Chris Clark
Phone : 703-347-8665
Research Areas : Biodiversity; Biofuels; Biogeochemical Cycles; Climate Change; Green Infrastructure; Nitrogen; Terrestrial ecosystems; Urban Ecosystems

Janet Gamble
Phone : 703-347-8617
Research Areas : Adaptation; National Climate Assessments; Vulnerabilty Assessments; Air Quality; Human Health; Vulnerable Populations

Megan Holcomb (ORISE)
Phone : 703-347-0421
Research Areas : Water quality; hydrology; watershed management

Jennifer James (ORISE)
Phone : 703-347-0267
Research Areas : Adaptation; Vulnerability Assessment; Water Quality; GIS; Sea level rise; Urban Ecosystems

Susan Julius
Phone : 703-347-8619
Research Areas : Adaptation; National Climate Assessments; Vulnerability Assessment; Water Quality; Air Quality; Ecosystems; Endangered Species; Frameworks; Uncertainty; Urban Resilience; Watersheds

Thomas Johnson
Phone : 703-347-8618
Research Areas : Adaptation; National Climate Assessments; Vulnerabilty Assessments; Ecosystems; Water Quality; Hydrology; Watershed Management

Phil Morefield
Phone : 703-308-8135
Research Areas : Adaptation; ICLUS; National Climate Assessments; Scenarios; Vulnerability Assessment; GIS, spatial analysis, land-use and land-cover change

Jordan West
Phone : 703-347-8584
Research Areas : Adaptation; National Climate Assessments; Ecosystems; Water Quality; Climate Ready Estuaries (CRE); Coral Reefs; Natural Resources Management

Jonathan Witt (ORISE)
Phone : 703-347-0321
Research Areas : Vulnerability Assessments; Ecosystems; Bioassessment; Biodiversity; Ecological Statistics

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