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STAY CONNECTED: If you would like to receive notifications of IRIS Recent Addition items, please subscribe to the IRIS Mailing list.

If you want to receive monthly bulletin updates you can also register, in addition, to the HHRA News and events bulletin. IRIS is a major theme under the human health risk assessment (HHRA) research program. If you like tweeting, then follow IRIS on the EPA Research Twitter account.

For technical questions about the scientific information content in IRIS, please call the U.S. EPA Risk Information Hotline at telephone (202) 566-1676, or fax to (202) 566-1749, or use the Hotline Comment form , or regular mail at:

IRIS Hotline
c/o EPA Docket Center, Mail Code 28221T
EPA-West Building
1301 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20005

For technical questions about the IRIS Web site. Please send your comments and suggestions for improvements to the IRIS webmaster by using the Webmaster Comment form or Iris.Webmaster@epa.gov (email)

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