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Systematic Review Workshop - August 2013

UPDATE: This workshop has ended. Presentations are available on the Workshop Details Tab below.

EPA is developing and implementing approaches to enhance its scientific assessments, particularly in the area of increasing transparency and clarity related to evaluating evidence and drawing conclusions. To inform these efforts, EPA will hold a public workshop to provide scientific input on issues related to the use of a systematic review process for evaluating potential health hazards of chemical exposures.

EPA Workshop: Applying Systematic Review
to Assessments of Health Effects
of Chemical Exposures

August 26, 2013

The goal of this workshop was to examine the "state of the science" of systematic review methodology, focusing on recent developments as the methodology has expanded outside the arena of evidence-based medicine. In addition, different frameworks used to synthesize various types of evidence for evaluating causality were explored.


[Printable Agenda available (PDF) (2 pg, 64 Kb)]

Welcome and Overview
Lynn Flowers – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
8:40 am
Keynote Address: Using Systematic Review Methods to Strengthen Risk Assessments
Jonathan Samet – University of Southern California
Session I
Moderator: Beth Owens, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
9:10 am
Session Introduction: Criteria for Evaluation of Observational Epidemiology Studies:
Developing or Adapting Optimal Approaches
9:15 am
The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale: A Springboard for Evaluating Epidemiology
Glinda Cooper – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
9:40 am
Study Quality Assessment of Observational Human Studies in the Draft OHAT Systematic Review Framework
Kristina Thayer – National Toxicology Program
10:05 am
Morning Break
10:15 am
Panel Discussion: Evaluating Observational Epidemiology Studies
Aaron Blair – National Cancer Institute
Jim Collins – Dow Chemical Company
Ruth Lunn – National Toxicology Program
Matthew Strickland – Emory University
10:55 am
Questions and Discussion
11:15 am
Instruments for Assessing Risk of Bias and Other Methodological Criteria of Published Animal Studies: A Systematic Review
David Krauth – University of California – San Francisco
11:35 am
Open Forum Discussion
12:00 pm
Session 2
Moderator: Glinda Cooper, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1:00 pm
Session Introduction: Synthesizing and Integrating Evidence Across Disciplines
1:05 pm
Role of Mechanism Data in Systematic Review
Mechanism Data: The Third Data Stream in Risk Assessment

Ivan Rusyn – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
1:30 pm
Mode of Action: Central Organizing Framework for Risk Assessment
Bette Meek – University of Ottawa
1:55 pm
Questions and Discussion
2:15 pm
Afternoon Break
2:30 pm
Frameworks for Integrating Evidence
Survey of Existing Frameworks and Insights on Integration Challenges
Lorenz Rhomberg – Gradient
NCEA Causal Frameworks: Focus on Integrated Science Assessment
Mary Ross – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
A Path Forward for Systematic Review in Environmental Health: The Navigation Guide Methodology
Tracey Woodruff – University of California – San Francisco
Application of Systematic Review Frameworks to Environmental Health
Colleen Lanier-Christensen – Environmental Defense Fund
3:30 pm
Panel Discussion: Frameworks for Synthesizing and Integrating Evidence
Samuel Cohen – University of Nebraska Medical Center
Juleen Lam – Environmental Defense Fund
Lorenz Rhomberg – Gradient
Mary Ross – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Tracey Woodruff – University of California – San Francisco
4:30 pm
Open Forum Discussion
5:00 pm


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