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Transcript: Children and Asthma - Segment 1

TIME: 1:07

ANNOUNCER:  The following is a co-production of KQED and Light-Saraf Films.

WOMAN #1 (VOICEOVER):  You just can’t breathe without coughing a lot.

WOMAN #2 (VOICEOVER):  I cannot take a deep breath.

ANNOUNCER:  Every year, asthma kills more than 600 American children.

Since 1980, the disease has doubled to affect over 5 million kids.

LITTLE GIRL:  I have two blue, and then I gotta breathe two times with the pink one.

ANNOUNCER:  Poor children of color, living in urban areas, are at the highest risk.

But the disease cuts across all socioeconomic and geographic boundaries.

GARY HUNNINGHAKE (VOICEOVER):  In rural communities, you don’t see smog, but you can see clouds of dust in the air.

LOIS GIBBS: The only way children are going to be protected is if the community stands up.

YOLANDA GARCIA:  There are solutions to the problems.  We have to find out what’s killing our youth.

ANNOUNCER:  From the freeways of California, to the farms of Iowa, to the streets of New York,

We travel America in search of the roots and remedies for children and asthma.

Major funding for “Children and Asthma” is provided by the California Endowment, a private statewide health foundation.

Additional funding is provided by the David B. Gold Foundation, the San Francisco Foundation and others.  A complete list is available from KQED.

The Bay Window series is funded by the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation.

©  Light-Saraf Films 2002

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