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Children and Asthma: Southern California - USC/UCLA Children's Center


"Children and Asthma: Southern California
USC/UCLA Children's Center"

Light-Saraf Films, 2002 exit EPA

Length 4:39

File: Flash Video File
(29.8MB, 400 x 300, 4:39)


In this segment Dr. Philip Landrigan, co-Principal Investigator of the Mount Sinai Children's Center, says that based on careful studies, it's clear that air pollution can cause asthma and ozone, oxidizers, fine particles contribute to development of the disease and exacerbation of its symptoms. The segment also contains information about the Children's Health Study at the USC/UCLA Children's Center, a 10-year study of the effects of air pollution on children from 12 different communities around Los Angeles, California. The study has found that in communities with the highest levels of airborne particulates and nitrogen dioxide that the children's lungs grew about 10 percent slower than in the cleaner communities and children in high-ozone communities who played three or more team sports were 3-4 times more likely to develop asthma.

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