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Children and Asthma: Children in Rural Communities - Iowa Children's Center


"Children and Asthma: Children in Rural Communities - Iowa Children's Center "

Light-Saraf Films, 2002 exit EPA

Length 5:41

File: Windows Media File
(63.2MB, 400 x 300, 5:41)


This segment features studies from the University of Iowa Children's Center. Faculty member Dr. Joel Kline says nearly 25% of children in rural communities may have asthma. The researchers examined the role of exposures to grain dust, endotoxins from bacteria, farm chemicals including organophosphate pesticides, and other exposures including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from animal manure that may contribute to development of the disease. Studies at the Iowa Children's Center showed that inhalation of endotoxins can cause narrowing of the airways and bronchial spasms. The segment also demonstrates how dust samples are taken in the homes of study participants, such as vacuuming of one square meter of carpet area.

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