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EPA and NIEHS Award $7.5M Grant to UC Davis for Renewed Autism Research

(Wednesday, August 8, 2007)

UC Davis LogoTo continue federal progress on research on autism, EPA and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) announced renewed funding for The University of California/Davis’s Center for Children’s Environmental Health (CCEH) on August 8, 2007. This Center will investigate how genes and exposure to environmental chemicals during fetal development may play a role in the development of autism. The UC Davis Center will support three projects in partnership with the internationally recognized M.I.N.D. Institute of Sacramento, Calif.

The goals of this center through these projects will be to:

  1. better understand the mechanisms by which environmental, immunologic, and molecular factors interact to influence the risk and severity of autism;
  2. identify early immunologic, environmental, and genomic markers of susceptibility to autism;
  3. develop mouse models of immunologic susceptibility to environmental triggers and define the impact of these triggers on the development of complex behaviors, key brain structures and neurotransmitter receptors relevant to autism
  4. translate our research findings into diagnostic tools that can be used in clinical practice to predict early autism risk; and
  5. supply the community with accurate and timely information about autism risk factors.

For more detail on the UC Davis Center see:

NCER Children's Center - UC Davis Center for the Study of Environmental Factors in the Etiology of Autism


UC Davis Center for Children’s Environmental Health - Project Abstract

For more detail on each of the new UC Davis research projects see:

Project 1: Environmental Epidemiology of Autism
Project 2: Immunological Susceptibility in Autism
Project 3: Models of Neurosusceptibility

For more detail on autism research being conducted through the STAR Children's Environmental Health Research Centers:

Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

EPA/NIEHS press release on renewed funding for UC Davis:

Breaking the Silence: $7.5 Million to UC Davis to Research Autism

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