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Cumulative Risk Assessments

Special Announcements
    2012-2013 Cumulative Risk Webinar Series Synthesis Report now available!
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is releasing a report summarizing what was learned during the 15-month webinar series featuring Cumulative Risk Assessment (CRA) grant recipients. The CRA webinar series presented another avenue for CRA grantees to vocalize their research findings that could advance cumulative risk assessment. [View report here]

Developing Analytic Methods for Cumulative Risk Assessments

Multiple aspects of the environment in which we live, learn, work and play impact our health. However, it is the general practice of governmental agencies/policy makers responsible for protecting public health and the environment to focus on one factor at a time, more specifically one environmental contaminant at a time. For example, EPA traditionally has used the risk assessment paradigm to assess exposures and risks to single chemicals. For many years, the environmental justice movement and local communities have advocated for the consideration of multiple exposure and cumulative impacts in environmental policy and decisions. Further, the social context/real word context in which exposures to environmental contaminants occur also needs to be reflected in the science that supports EPA's decision-making, as emerging evidence demonstrates that social and contextual factors may enhance the toxic effects of both single and multiple environmental contaminant exposures. Such considerations require new models for assessing the toxicity of environmental hazards, advanced methods for analyzing complex interactions between multiple stressors, and enhanced access to community-level knowledge and resources. Under a 2009 RFA, the EPA STAR program awarded 7 grants to fund cumulative human health risk assessment research on how the combination of harmful factors affect human health, including poor and underserved communities with extensive pollution problems.

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Understanding the Role of Nonchemical Stressors and Developing Analytic Methods for Cumulative Risk Assessments

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Grantee Abstracts and Reports

Cumulative Risk Assessment 2012 Webinar Series

Cumulative Risk Assessment 2013 Webinar Series

Cumulative Risk Webinar Series - What We Learned (PDF) (58 pp, 2 MB)

Workshop on Interactions Between Social Stressors and Environmental Hazards

MP3 Recordings of National Teleconference Calls (EPA STAR grantees & community partners discuss research impacts)

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