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Cumulative Risk Assessment Webinar Series

Join us for the monthly webinar series presenting the latest research findings in cumulative risk assessment and impacts. EPA’s Risk Assessment Forum Cumulative Risk Assessment (CRA) Technical Panel is currently developing guidelines on CRA and NCER is funding extramural research to advance the science further and introduce additional strategies for examining combinations of chemical, physical and biological stressors while factoring in population vulnerabilities.

Invited speakers will present on a wide range of cumulative risk topics to inform participants about the development of the Agency’s CRA Guidelines.

January 30, 2013
Save the Date (PDF)
(1 pg, 490 K)
Ramya Chari Ramya Chari Integrating Susceptibility Into Environmental Policy: Implications and Information Needs for Cumulative Risk Assessment   View Webinar
Thomas A. Burke Thomas A. Burke
February 27, 2013
Save the Date (PDF)
(1 pp, 464 K)
David Deganian David Deganian The Patterns Of Pollution: Perspectives From an Environmental Attorney and a GIS Scientist on the Identification And Assessment of Environmental Justice Communities The Patterns of Pollution: A Report on Demographics and Pollution in Metro Atlanta (PDF) (64 pp, 5.94 MB) View Webinar
Nick Diluzio Nick Diluzio
March 20, 2013
Save the Date (PDF)
(1 pp, 851 K)
Douglas Crawford-Brown Douglas Crawford-Brown A Semi-Quantitative Framework For Cumulative Risk Assessment Of Waterborne Contaminants

Cumulative Risk Assessment Framework for Waterborne Contaminants (PDF) (14 pp, 311 K)

The precautionary principle in environmental regulations for drinking water (PDF) (10 pp, 392 K)

View Webinar
April 17, 2013
Save the Date (PDF)
(1 pp, 856 K)
Dr. Jonathan Levy Dr. Jonathan Levy Simulating Population Characteristics and Exposures to Multiple Stressors for a Community-Based Cumulative Risk Assessment

A Review of current methods to generate synthetic spatial microdata using reweighting and future directions (PDF) (1 pg, 24 K)

Small area estimates of smoking prevalence in London (PDF) (1 pg, 24 K)

View Webinar
May 22, 2013
Dr. Glenn Suter Dr. Glenn Suter Why and How to Integrate Your Assessment

Framework for the Integration of Health and Ecological Risk Assessment (PDF) (21 pp, 415 K)

A Framework for Fully Integrating Environmental Assessment (PDF) (14 pp, 507 K)

Bottom-Up and Top-Down Integration of Human And Ecological Risk Assessment (PDF) (13 pp, 89 K)

View Webinar
June 26, 2013
Save the Date (PDF)
(1 pp, 2.09 MB)
Dr. Wenyaw Chan Dr. Wenyaw Chan A Novel Approach for Testing Interaction Effects of Environmental and Psychosocial Stressors on Disease Risk in a Logistic Regression Model   View Webinar
Maria Jimenez Maria Jimenez
July 24, 2013
Dr. George Alexeeff Dr. George Alexeeff CalEnviroScreen 1.0: A New Tool for Evaluating California Communities

California Communities Environmental Health Screening Tool (CalEnviroScreen 1.0) (PDF) (123 pp, 18 MB)

Sensitivity Analysis of the CalEnviroScreen Model and Indicators (PDF) (20 pp, 1 MB)

Cumulative Impacts: Building a Scientific Foundation (PDF) (75 pp, 1.5 MB)

View Webinar
September 25, 2013
Save the Date (PDF)
(1 pp, 2.25 MB)
Sarah Alves Sarah Alves Legal Authority for EPA to Use Cumulative Risk Assessments in Environmental Decision-making U.S. EPA Authority to Use Cumulative Risk Assessments in Environmental Decision-Making (PDF) (30 pp, 176 K) View Webinar
Joan Tilghman Joan Tilghman
November 20, 2013
Elizabeth Doyle Elizabeth Doyle Implementation of Cumulative and Mixtures Risk Assessment In the Office of Water – Past and Future


View Webinar
December 11, 2013
Lawrence Martin Lawrence Martin Challenges in Making Risk Assessment More Relevant for Risk Management; A view from the EU

Making the Relationship between Risk Assessment and Risk Management More Intimate (PDF) (2 pp, 602 K)

Making Risk Assessment More Relevant for Risk Management (PDF) (61 pp., 445 K)

View Webinar
Peter Calow Peter Calow

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