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Extramural Research

Draft Agenda

Future Air Quality with Projected Global Changes:
A Progress Review Meeting Presented by EPA Global Change STAR Grantees
For EPA Policy and Research Staff and Directors

Research Triangle Park Campus of the US EPA, Building C, Room 111a-c
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
October 27 and 28th, 2008

Final Agenda (October 27, 2008)

Print Version (PDF) (2 pp, 14K)

Monday October 27, 2008



8:45 - 9:05

Introduction and Welcome
By Steve Page, Director
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards

9:05 9:15

Air Pollution and Global Change Research at EPA
by Dr. Dan Costa, U.S. EPA, National Program Director Air Research Program

Fire, Climate and Air Quality

9:15 9:45

Investigation of the Effects of Changing Climate on Fires and the Consequences for U.S. Air Quality, Using a Hierarchy of Chemistry and Climate Models (PDF) (36 pp, 2.13 MB)
Dr. Logan, Harvard

9:45 10:15


10:15 10:45

Investigation of the Interactions between Climate Change, Biomass, Forest Fires, and Air Quality with an Integrated Modeling Approach (PDF) (25 pp, 1.21 MB)
Dr. Shankar, UNC

10:45 11:15

Interaction of ecosystems, fires, air quality and climate change (PDF) (27 pp, 1.47 MB)
Dr. Wang, GA Tech.

Poster Session

11:15 12:00


12:00 1:15


Air Quality Impacts of Changing Land-use and Transportation

1:15 1:45

Regional, Population Trend, and Technology Change Impacts on Future Air Pollution Emissions in the San Joaquin Valley (PDF) (47 pp, 3.22 MB)
Dr. Kleeman, UC Davis

1:45 2:15

Advanced Modeling System for Assessing Long-Term Regional Development Patterns, Travel Behavior, Emissions, and Air Quality (PDF) (41 pp, 1.11 MB)
Dr. Rodrguez, UNC

2:15 2:45

An Integrated Framework for Estimating Long-Term Mobile Source Emissions Linking Land Use, Transportation, and Economic Behavior (PDF) (58 pp, 867 K)
Dr. Safirova, Resources for the Future

2:45 3:15


3:15 3:45

A Long Term Integrated Framework Linking Urban Development, Demographic Trends and Technology Changes to Stationary and Mobile Source Emissions (PDF) (32 pp, 1.24 MB)
Dr. Anas, SUNY Buffalo

3:45 4:15

Air Quality, Emissions, Growth, and Change: A Method to Prescribe a Desirable Future (PDF) (26 pp, 3.59 MB)
Dr. Chang, GA Tech.

4:15 4:45

Policy-Maker reflections

Tuesday October 28, 2008


9:00 9:15


Air Quality Impacts of Changing Land-use and Transportation

9:15 9:45

Predicting the Relative Impacts of Urban Development Policies and On-Road Vehicle Technologies on Air Quality in the US: Modeling and Analysis of a Case Study in Austin, TX (PDF) (24 pp, 1.45 MB)
Dr. McDonald-Buller, University of Texas

9:45 10:15

Projecting the Effects of Land Use and Technology Change on Future Air Quality in the Upper Midwestern United States (PDF) (30 pp, 1.53 MB)
Dr. Stone, U.Wisconsin, Madison

10:15 10:45


10:45 11:15

Development and Evaluation of a Methodology for Determining Air Pollution Emissions Relative to Geophysical and Societal Changes (PDF) (30 pp, 532 K)
Dr. Donaghy, Cornell University

11:15 11:45

Integrating Land Use, Transportation, and Air Quality Modeling (PDF) (58 pp, 2.22 MB)
Dr. Waddell, U. Washington, Seattle


11:45 1:00


Air quality impacts of future electricity generation

1:00 1:30

Methodology for Assessing the Effects of Technological and Economic Changes on the Location, Timing and Ambient Air Quality Impacts of Power Sector Emissions (PDF) (51 pp, 1.27 MB)
Dr. Ellis, Johns Hopkins

Air quality impacts of future biogenic emissions

1:30 2:00

New Biogenic VOC Emission Models (PDF) (25 pp, 911 K)
Dr. Monson, CU-Boulder

2:00 2:30

Impacts of Climate Change and Land Cover Change on Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (BVOCs) Emissions in Texas(PDF) (40 pp, 3.53 MB)
Dr. Yang, U. Texas-Austin

2:30 3:00


3:00 3:30

Reduced Atmospheric Methane Consumption by Temperate Forest Soils Under Elevated Atmospheric CO2: Causative Factors (PDF) (37 pp, 2.20 MB)
Dr. Whalen, UNC

3:30 4:00

A Coupled Measurement-Modeling Approach to Improve Biogenic Emission Estimates: Application to Future Air Quality Assessments (PDF) (33 pp, 3.31 MB)
Dr. Mao, U. New Hampshire

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