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Extramural Research


Final Progress Review for EPA STAR Sources, Composition, and Health Effects of Coarse Particulate Matter

March 18, 2013
EPA at Research Triangle Park, NC
Building C, Auditorium C111 (A-c)


Previously, there has been a lack of published studies investigating the associations of mortality and morbidity with coarse particulate matter (PM10-2.5) and addressing the effects of different components or sources of these particles. The composition and toxicity of coarse PM likely vary significantly across locations with large differences between urban and rural regions because of a variety of different sources (e.g. pollen, endotoxin, road dust, agriculture, mining) and difficulties in estimating risks and exposure estimates.

In 2007, the National Center for Environmental Research awarded five STAR grants for research studies to improve understanding of the composition, sources, and health effects of urban and rural coarse PM, which includes particles in the size range from 2.5 to 10 micrometers in diameter. This meeting will include presentations and discussions of the final results from these STAR grantees and EPA scientists.

For more details on the STAR grants, see: Sources, Composition, and Health Effects of Coarse Particulate Matter.

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Welcome - Dan Costa
National Program Director, EPA�s Air, Climate and Energy Research Program (PDF) ( 8 pp, 451 KB)


Constantinos Sioutas, University of Southern California
Sources, Composition, Variability and Toxicological Characteristics of Coarse (PM10-2.5) Particles in Southern California (PDF) ( pp, MB)


Michael Hannigan, University of Colorado at Boulder
Colorado Coarse Rural Urban Sources and Health (CCRUSH) Study: Measurement Quality, Metals Origins and Initial Epidemiology Results (PDF) ( 37 pp, 4.9 MB)




Jay Turner, Washington University in St. Louis
The EPA Coarse PM Speciation Pilot Study (PDF) ( 37 pp, 3.9 MB)


Robert Brook, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Cardiovascular Effects of Urban and Rural Coarse Particulate Matter in Obese and Lean Adults (PDF) ( 31 pp, 3.0 MB)


Lunch and Poster Session


Robert Devlin, EPA National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory
Comparison of Health Effects of Coarse, Fine, and Ultrafine Concentrated Ambient Particles (PDF) ( 29 pp, 2.3 MB)


Terry Gordon, New York University
Comparative Toxicity of Coarse and Fine PM Collected in Urban and Rural Areas (PDF) ( 55 pp, 3.3 MB)




Sara Adar, University of Michigan
Characterizing Long-Term Exposures to Coarse Particulate Matter and Related Health Effects in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) (PDF) ( 40 pp, 7.8 MB)


Scott Jenkins, EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Policy Issues Related to Coarse Particulate Matter (PDF) ( 5 pp, 36 KB)



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