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2002 News and Events Archive

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Special Announcements

June 30, 2002
NCER has recently released its revised web site and search functions to the public. The new page includes expanded search and reporting capabilities and personalized page functions using a new Oracle database which relays more detail on research project progress reports, publications etc. These new functions have been thoroughly tested, however if you encounter any problems please let us know so that we may correct the situation or provide guidance on proper use. If for any reason you encounter an error code please e-mail the error page to us. For assistance or guidance on these functions please contact us.

May 8, 2002
A public meeting to discuss the proposed relationship between EPA and the American Chemistry Council to issue joint research solicitations has been scheduled for Thursday, May 23, 2002.
[Read More | Proposed Joint Procedure | Proposed Public Meeting Agenda | Federal Register Notice]

February 28, 2002
The EPA does not plan to award any new STAR graduate Fellowships in FY 2002.
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Featured Stories

Photo: Pollution Prevention December 10, 2002
Pollution Prevention: The Silent Ally

WASHINGTON (NCER) - Preventing pollution is one of the keys to improving public health, sustaining our resources, and protecting the environment. Through its Science to Achieve Results (STAR) grant program, EPA has funded 59 university research projects in pollution prevention for $20.7 million. Since 1995 the Agency's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program has encouraged and assisted pollution prevention research by granting $10.7 million to 94 projects. [Read More]

Photo: Dr. Lynn Roberts and Dr. Edward Bouwer December 17, 2002
STAR Grantees Featured in Discover Magazine

WASHINGTON (NCER) - The January 2003 issue of Discover magazine features the on-going research on pharmaceuticals and antiseptics in drinking water, conducted by Dr. Lynn Roberts and Dr. Edward Bouwer, both STAR grantees at Johns Hopkins University. [Read More]

EPA-Aided Small Business Tackles Acid Mine Drainage November 4, 2002
EPA-Aided Small Business Tackles Acid Mine Drainage

WASHINGTON (NCER) - Thanks to funding from EPA's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, Little Bear Laboratories, Inc., a Colorado small business, is developing a new technology to clean up the waters at mining sites.
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Photo: mine waste waterNovember 4, 2002
At EPA, Small Business Is Big Business

WASHINGTON (NCER) - Did you know that there are about 22 million small businesses in the U.S.? That they employ about 52 percent of the private work force and provide approximately 80 percent of the net new jobs added to the economy? That small businesses hire a larger proportion of employees who are young, old, women or workers who prefer to work part time? What's more, they provide more than half of the innovations in the country?
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Photo: children farm workers October 10, 2002
STAR Grants Give Aid, Expertise to Solve Environmental Challenges Faced by Hispanic Children

WASHINGTON (NCER) - STAR is funding research on Hispanic children to make sure that we understand whether environmental contaminants are affecting this special population.
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People In The News

Photo: Dr. Francois Morel November 25, 2002
STAR Researcher Honored

WASHINGTON (NCER) - Dr. Francois Morel, a Science to Achieve Results (STAR) grantee, recently received two scientific honors. This year, he was chosen to be the Chair of the inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Bio-Inorganic Chemistry and was also selected as a Guggenheim Fellow.
[Read More]

Photo: Pfiesteria researcher Photo: microscopic Pfiesteria cell October 3, 2002
STAR Scientists Challenge Common Wisdom In Pfiesteria Debate

WASHINGTON (NCER) - Two teams of National Center for Environmental Research Science to Achieve Results (STAR) grantees have challenged the common wisdom that Pfiesteria, the "cell from hell," kills fish because it is such a toxic organism.
[Read More]

Photo: Gerald E. Speitel, National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) STAR grantee August 26, 2002
STAR Researcher Receives Best Paper Award

WASHINGTON (NCER) - Gerald E. Speitel, National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) STAR grantee, received a 2002 Best Paper Award from the Water Science and Technology Division of the American Water Works Association.
[Read More]

Photo: Dr. William C. Trogler Photo: Dr. Sarah Larsen August 26, 2002
STAR Grantees Present Research on Nanotechnology - August 28, 2002

WASHINGTON - Two STAR grantees will present their nanotechnology research projects for the OEI/ORD lecture series.
[Read More]

Photo: Beverly Law in the fieldAugust 26, 2002
STAR Researcher Receives Awards from Oregon State University

WASHINGTON (NCER) - Beverly Law, a National Center of Environmental Research STAR grantee, has received three awards at Oregon State University in less than two years.
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August 20, 2002
EPA Employee Receives Prestigious Award from Thomas Jefferson University

WASHINGTON (NCER) - Dr. Elaine Francis recently received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Graduate Studies at Thomas Jefferson University. This award is the most prestigious honor given by the graduate school "in recognition of her scientific contributions and achievements."
[Read More]

STAR Grantee Receives National and Local Awards from the American Chemical Society August 20, 2002
STAR Grantee Receives National and Local Awards from the American Chemical Society

WASHINGTON (NCER) - Krzysztof Matyjaszewski has received two prestigious awards from the American Chemical Society (ACS) for his extensive and creative accomplishments in polymer science.
[Read More]

June 30, 2002
STAR Grantee Receives University of Nevada-Reno Biotechnology and Natural Resources Researcher of the Year Award

WASHINGTON (NCER) - STAR grantee, Dr. Mae Sexauer Gustin, was recently awarded the College of Agriculture Biotechnology and Natural Resources Researcher of the Year Award by the University of Nevada-Reno. This monetary award is given to one researcher each year who is nominated and chosen by a college committee.
[Read More]

Photo: President George W. Bush awards Dr. Likens the National Medal of Science June 24, 2002
EPA STAR Grantee Awarded the National Medal of Science

WASHINGTON (NCER) - In a White House ceremony, Dr. Gene E. Likens, the Director of the Institute of Ecosystem Studies, received the nation's highest award for lifetime achievement in the field of scientific research.
[Read More]

May 23, 2002
EPA Scientist Advances Understanding of Toxic Metals Clean Up

WASHINGTON - Dr. Mitch Lasat has been featured as ORD's Scientist of the Month. He has recently published a review of the state of the science on using plants to remediate sites contaminated with toxic metals.
[Read More]

February 27, 2002
Pollution Prevention in Foundries

WASHINGTON - On February 21, 2002, Dr. Fred Cannon, a STAR grant recipient from Pennsylvania State University, discussed "Diminishing Air Pollutants and Materials Use in Foundries Using Advanced Oxidation Processes."
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Grant Applications Sought

September 20, 2002
EPA Accepting Applications For Minority Academic Institutions Fellowship Programs

WASHINGTON (NCER) - EPA is now accepting applications for its undergraduate and graduate Minority Academic Institutions fellowship programs.
[Read More]

April 8, 2002
EPA Accepting Small Business Proposals for Funding of Bioterrorism Detection and Decontamination Technologies

WASHINGTON - EPA is accepting proposals from small businesses for research that relates to environmental bioterrorism detection and decontamination technologies where the research will serve as a base for technological innovation and commercialization.
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Grants Awarded

Photo: Biohazard sign December 6, 2002
Contracts Awarded For Homeland Security Decontamination Technologies

WASHINGTON (NCER) - As part of its commitment to homeland security, EPA announced contract awards totaling $350,000 to five small businesses to develop technologies that remove biological contaminants that pose a threat to public health.
[Read More]

Photo: Drinking water December 6, 2002
Contracts Awarded For Technologies To Remove Arsenic From Drinking Water

WASHINGTON (NCER) - EPA has awarded $800,000 to eight small businesses to develop cost-effective methods for removing arsenic from drinking water to meet the Agency's new arsenic standard of 10 parts per billion.
[Read More]

Photo: Ariel view of Puget Sound, Washington December 2, 2002
STAR Grant Focuses on Environmental Justice

WASHINGTON (NCER) - With a $1.2 million research grant, EPA's Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program is taking up the challenge of environmental justice on the Swinomish Indian Reservation bordering Puget Sound in northwest Washington state.
[Read More]

November 4, 2002
EPA-supported Small Business Wins $2 Million Award

WASHINGTON (NCER) - eSpin Technologies, a company supported by EPA's Small Business Innovation Research program, recently received a $2 million award from the Advanced Technology Program at the U.S. Department of Commerce.
[Read More]

October 28, 2002
$3.5 Million Awarded for Research on Global Change

WASHINGTON (NCER) - EPA has awarded research grants totaling more than $3.5 million to four universities to study the potential consequences of global climate change on U.S. ecosystems and their living organisms.
[Read More]

October 10, 2002
$4.8 Million Awarded for Research on Drinking Water Safety

WASHINGTON (NCER) - EPA has awarded six university research grants totaling $4.8 million for research on drinking water safety and techniques to reduce risks to America's public water systems.
[Read More]

July 30, 2002
EPA Awards $5 Million for Research on Pollution Prevention

WASHINGTON (NCER) - EPA recently awarded 14 research grants totaling more than $5 million, to 12 universities to support pollution prevention, efficient resource use and sustainability.
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July 16, 2002
EPA Funds New Laboratory to Develop Clean-Coal Technologies

WASHINGTON (NCER) - EPA is helping to fund a new Ohio University lab to develop clean coal technologies.
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July 2, 2002
Grants Awarded for Research on Childhood Asthma

WASHINGTON (NCER) - EPA recently awarded more than $600,000 to two universities for economic research in understanding the benefits of reducing asthma in children.
[Read More]

June 18, 2002
EPA Establishes Environmental Statistics Center

WASHINGTON (NCER) - EPA recently awarded more than $6.25 million to establish a new Center for Integrating Statistical and Environmental Science at the University of Chicago.
[Read More]

June 18, 2002
Whitman Awards Largest Tribal Environmental Research Grant

WASHINGTON (NCER) - EPA Administrator Christie Whitman awarded a $1.2 million research grant to the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, located in the state of Washington, on June 5. The grant is the largest competitive EPA research award to a tribe to date.
[Read More]

May 10, 2002
$4.5 Million Awarded for Research on Children's Health and Chemicals in the Environment

WASHINGTON - EPA recently awarded six research grants, totaling more than $4.5 million, to six universities to study the potential impact on children's health from chemicals in the environment.
[Read More]

April 29, 2002
Nearly $4 Million in Grants Awarded for Wildlife Research

WASHINGTON - EPA recently awarded research grants totaling more than $3.8 million to seven universities, one nonprofit research institution and one state agency to evaluate the impacts of environmentally related stressors on wildlife populations.
[Read More]

February 14, 2002
Grants Awarded For Economics And Decision Sciences Research

WASHINGTON - Grants totaling more than $1.5 million have been awarded to five universities to study economics and decision sciences research.
[Read More]

February 1, 2002
Grants Awarded For Particulate Matter Research

WASHINGTON - Research grants totaling more than $3.8 million have been awarded to four universities to study the effects of airborne particulate matter (PM) on human health.
[Read More]

Past Events

EPA's Environmental Economics Research Strategy Meeting
- Wednesday, February 19 and Thursday, February 20, 2003

WASHINGTON - The Wildlife Risk Assessment Progress Review Workshop features presentations by EPA STAR grant researchers and others analyzing environmental risks to wildlife populations and developing approaches for assessing risks to these populations.
[Read More]

Connecting EPA STAR Research with the Regions (Region 1)
- November 4, 2002

WASHINGTON - An Environmental Research Seminar will be held at the Region 1 offices in Boston, MA. This pilot workshop is the first of many meetings that will allow scientists, policy makers, and program managers in New England to interact with Science to Achieve Results (STAR) and other grantees.
[Read More]

Progress Review of Endocrine Disruptors Research Program
- October 29 - 31, 2002

WASHINGTON - A Progress Review of EPA's Endocrine Disruptors (ED) Research Program will take place October 29-31, 2002 in Research Triangle Park, NC. The Review will bring together the Office of Research and Development's intramural scientists with scientists supported by the ED's extramural program, Science to Achieve Results (STAR).
[Read More]

Presentation by Midwest HSRC Director
- Wednesday, October 23, 2002

WASHINGTON - Professor Kathy Banks will present research and outreach activities conducted by the Midwest HSRC, one of five HSRCs awarded in 2001 by EPA to develop better, cheaper, faster, and safer methods to assess and clean up hazardous substances.
[Read More]

Small Business Nanofiber Research to Be Showcased
- September 24 - 26, 2002

WASHINGTON (NCER) - eSpin Technologies, Inc, an EPA SBIR supported small business, will showcase its technology at the World's Best Technologies exhibition in Pittsburgh, Pa.
[Read More]

2000/2001 Development of National Aquatic Ecosystem Classification and Reference Conditions Progress Review Workshop
- September 24, 2002

WASHINGTON (NCER) - A forum will be held for award recipients to discuss their results and future research direction.
[Read More]

Air Quality III Conference
- September 9 - 12, 2002

WASHINGTON (NCER) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is cosponsoring the Air Quality III Conference. Focusing on mercury, other trace metals and particulate matter, this conference will provide an excellent opportunity for industry, government, and the research community to discuss the challenges of economic energy production coupled with environmental awareness.
[Read More]

EPA Coastal Intensive Sites Network (CISNet) Final Progress Review Workshop
- September 4 - 5, 2002

WASHINGTON (NCER) - A final progress review workshop will be help for CISNet award recipients to discuss their results and lessons learned.
[Read More]

Nanotechnology Grantees Meeting: Building a Green Nanotech Research Community
- August 28 - 29, 2002

WASHINGTON - A Progress Review Workshop will be held featuring presentations by EPA STAR grant researchers and EPA SBIR grantees.

Workshop on PM and Cardiovascular Disease
WASHINGTON - NCER is co-sponsoring a workshop with NIH and others this summer on PM and cardiovascular disease. The main purpose of this public workshop is to seek input from the environmental health science and cardiovascular research communities on the most appropriate and productive directions for research in the area of environmentally related cardiovascular disease.
[Read More | PDF (2 pp, 606 K, about PDF)]

6th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference
- Tuesday, June 25 - Thursday, June 27, 2002

6th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference: Meeting Global Challenges Through Economic and Environmental Innovations
[Read More]

Decision Making and Valuation for Environmental Policy (DMVEP) Workshop
- April 11, 2002

WASHINGTON - On March 21 - 22, 2002, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sponsored the Decision Making and Valuation for Environmental Policy (DMVEP) Workshop in Washington, DC.
[Read More]

NCER Presents Science Seminar Series
- April 30, 2002 and May 3, 2002

WASHINGTON - Ten STAR grantees will present results of their research in Washington, DC.
[Read More]

EPA Science Forum 2002: Meeting the Challenges
- May 1 - 2, 2002

WASHINGTON - May 2002, has been designated "EPA Environmental Science Month." As a kick-off event, ORD is sponsoring the EPA Science Forum 2002 at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC.

2002 Science Advisory Board (SAB) PM Research Centers Review Meeting
- February 11 - 12, 2002

Washington, DC - To assess the value-added nature of a PM Centers research program.
[Read More]

Decision Making and Valuation for Environmental Policy (DMVEP) Workshop
- February 5, 2002

WASHINGTON - DMVEP workshop to be held March 21 - March 22, 2002 in Washington, D.C.

Science Advisory Board Conducting Mid-Course Review of PM Centers' Research Progress
- February 5, 2002

WASHINGTON - EPA's Science Advisory Board (SAB) is charged to determine why the the STAR Particulate Matter Centers Program is beneficial and whether it should be undertaken beyond 2004.
[Read More]

Call for Papers! 6th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference
- January 24, 2002

WASHINGTON - Deadline extended! Abstracts are due by Friday, February 1, 2002.

National SBIR Meeting in Anaheim, CA - March 11-14, 2002
- January 8, 2002

WASHINGTON - EPA will participate with all 10 federal agencies operating SBIR Programs in the National SBIR Early 2002 Conference.

3 SBIR Seminars Announced for February
- January 8, 2002

WASHINGTON - EPA explains its SBIR program with three seminars in February.
[Read More]

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