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EPA Announces Student Contest Winners

EPA awarded six student groups last night as part of the People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) competition to produce future environmentally-friendly and profitable technologies.

The projects ranged from producing plastic from wastewater to turning vegetable oil waste into biofuel. Each winner received up to $75,000 for development funding.

All this year’s winners:

  • Drexel University—Production of Biodiesel from High Free-Fatty-Acid Oils
  • Loyola University of Chicago—Innovative Biodiesel Production
  • University of California-Berkeley—Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation
  • University of California-Davis—Production of Natural Plastics in Wastewater Treatment
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign—Sustainable Water Development Program
  • University of Iowa—Point-of-Use Electrolytic Chlorine Generator for Drinking Water Disinfection

To find more student contests, visit Earth 911’s student section.

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