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Ten Years of Addressing Children's Health through Regulatory Policy

Picture of Devon Payne-SturgesDevon Payne-Sturges of USEPA's National Center for Environmental Research analyzes the impact of EO13045 and its related children's health policies on EPA's regulatory process in the December issue of Environmental Health Perspectives. Payne-Sturges' analysis is a first step in evaluating whether EO13045 (and its requirement to evaluate children's health risks) is being implemented in EPA's regulatory process.

Payne-Sturges evaluated 1,679 regulatory actions and found that only 860 (51%)specifically considered children's health. However only 14, (<2%), were actually subject to the requirements of EO13045. The analysis also shows that although the number of EPA regulations requiring the evaluation of children's health risks increased from 1998 to 2006, this increase was only about 20 percent.

The analysis suggests that other policies and statutory requirements might be more influential in ensuring that children's health is evaluated in the regulatory development process.

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