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Title: Cumulative Risk Assessment (CRA) 2013 Webinar Series
Date: January 30, 2013
3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST
Location: Webinar

Join us for the monthly webinar series presenting the latest research findings in cumulative risk assessment and impacts.

EPA’s Risk Assessment Forum Cumulative Risk Assessment (CRA) Technical Panel is currently developing guidelines on CRA and NCER is funding extramural research to advance the science further and introduce additional strategies for examining combinations of chemical, physical and biological stressors while factoring in population vulnerabilities.

Invited speakers will present on a wide range of cumulative risk topics to inform participants about the development of the Agency’s CRA Guidelines.

The CRA Webinar Series will be presented monthly to run through December 2013. The CRA Webinar Series is open to the public to stimulate wider discourse on cumulative risk themes generally.

The January Webinar will feature:

Ramya Chari
Ramya Chari
Associate Policy Researcher
RAND Corporation

Ramya Chari is an associate policy researcher at the RAND Corporation. She has expertise in environmental health risk assessment, environmental epidemiology, and the assessment of population exposure to environmental pollutants. Dr. Chari’s research includes the development of metrics for evaluating cumulative chemical exposures, community-level health assessments of environmental risks, and assessing and measuring emerging environmental threats to national health security. Prior to working at RAND, Dr. Chari received her MPH and PhD from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD where her dissertation focused on characterizing and measuring disparities in the effects of lead exposure.

Ramya Chari
Thomas A. Burke
Associate Dean for Public Health Practice and Training and Professor
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Thomas A. Burke is Associate Dean for Public Health Practice and Training and Professor in The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management, with joint appointments in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences and the School of Medicine Department of Oncology. He is also Director of the Johns Hopkins Risk Sciences and Public Policy Institute. Dr. Burke is Chair of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Improving Risk Analysis and in 2006 he was named a Fellow of the Society for Risk Analysis. His research interests include environmental epidemiology and surveillance, evaluation of population exposures to environmental pollutants, assessment and communication of environmental risks, and application of epidemiology and health risk assessment to public policy. He was Principal Investigator for the Pew Environmental Health Commission which established the framework for a national approach to environmental public health tracking. He has been awarded the Johns Hopkins Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching four times.

Institutions: RAND Corporation
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Presentation: Integrating Susceptibility Into Environmental Policy: Implications and Information Needs for Cumulative Risk Assessment
What will you learn?
  1. Strengths and limitations in the use of epidemiological data for environmental decision making in the context of cumulative risks
  2. The importance of incorporating susceptibility into cumulative risk assessment and data needs
  3. A new framework for risk assessment and implications for cumulative risk
Contact: Devon Payne-Sturges (payne-sturges.devon@epa.gov); phone: 703-347-8055
Additional info: Webinar Overview
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