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STAR Research Finds Three Risk Factors for Developing Childhood Asthma

STAR Research at Columbia’s Center for Children’s Environmental Health, shows a joint effect between pre term exposure to PAH’s and post term exposure of young children to cockroach allergens. Children with higher pre term PAH exposure were more likely to have asthma. Researchers also found that children with a mutation of gene GSTM can’t rid the body of PAHs and as a result , also have greater chance of developing asthma.

These findings, were published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology on February 6, 2013. This study used 349 mother and child pairs from the Columbia Center’s Mothers & Newborns study of environmental exposures in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx.

Reducing pre term exposure to PAH and to cockroach allergens during early childhood may lower the incidence of cockroach allergies and asthma in urban children.

For more information on Children’s Centers visit: EPA/NIEHS Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Centers (CEHCs)

For more information on this study visit:
Centers of Excellence in Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research
The Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health
Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health

For the full Columbia Center press release visit: EurekAlert! - Medicine/Health Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

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