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Title: Air Sensors 2013, EPA’s Next Generation Air Monitoring Workshop Series
Date: March 20, 2013
Location: Research Triangle Park

A robust monitoring network is vital to the nation’s air quality management. Measurements are important for understanding air pollution behavior, identifying pollution sources, developing emissions inventories, developing exposure estimates, assessing air quality models, and developing air quality management strategies.

There is an increasing need for more efficient and versatile air quality measurement systems, including lower detection limits, the ability to detect a larger number of compounds, higher temporal and spatial resolution, and speciated PM data. It is also important to develop more cost-effective, portable, or automated systems which can increase the availability of data.

The National Center for Environmental Research has awarded four STAR grants for research studies to improve air pollution measurement technologies, which will help address emerging air pollution issues and improve the spatial and temporal coverage of air pollution measurement data. This meeting will include presentations and discussions of research plans and early results from these STAR grantees.

For more details, see (Developing the Next Generation of Air Quality Measurement Technology)

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