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More than 3.5 Gigawatt Hours Saved Through Lucid Design Group Energy Competitions

P3 logo Lucid Design Group, a company established by Oberlin College P3 Expo winners in 2004, conducts annual college campus and K-12 School energy conservation competitions using their Building Dashboard energy monitoring and display technology.

This year’s Campus Conservation Nationals has nearly doubled in size with over 250,000 students on nearly 200 college campuses in North America participating in the competition.  The goal this year is to collectively reduce energy usage by 2 gigawatt-hours of electricity and save 2 million gallons of water.  Last year’s contest resulted in more than 1.7 Gigawatt-hours saved (that's enough to power 151 U.S. homes for a year).

Lucid, in partnership with  the Green Schools Alliance, also conducts the annual Green Cup Challenge (GCC) electricity competition  for K-12 schools.    This year more than 300 K-12 schools from across the U.S. and around the world have collectively saved 1.5 gigawatt-hours of electricity, equivalent to approximately 2.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.   The GCC is a 4 week competition to see which schools can reduce energy usage the most.

The GCC encourages students to take actions like turning off unused electronics and shutting off lights in unoccupied rooms.  Teachers and school staff also do their part for the competition by turning off unused office equipment and computer labs, and making sure everything is shut down at night and before the weekends.  The GCC empowers students to connect their actions with tangible and measurable results and fosters sustainable behaviors within the school community.

Lucid Design Group was also honored this year at the Rio+20 conference by being included in Sustainia100 – a guide to 100 innovative and scalable solutions instrumental in creating sustainable societies.

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For more information on Oberlin College’s 2004 P3 Project see: Developing and Assessing the Impact of a Socio-Technological Resource-Use Feedback System for Improving the Environmental Performance of Buildings and Institutions

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