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Extramural Research

2001 GRO (formerly MAI) Undergraduate Fellows

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Graduate Solicitations
Fall 2013 STAR Graduate Fellowships FAQs
Undergraduate Solicitations
2013 GRO Undergraduate Fellowships FAQs
Graduate Fellowship Recipient List
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GRO Undergraduate Fellowship Recipient List
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Grantee Research Project Results

Extramural Research Search

University Last Name First Name MI Major Field of Study
University of Puerto Rico Aponte Lymari H. Engineering
Xavier University of Louisiana Arnold Dodie L. Environmental Science
University of Puerto Rico Berrios Maria E. Engineering
Virginia Union University Charity Aja T. Mathematics
Norfolk State University Cooper Camelia N. Environmental Science
Norfolk State University Holloman Chenille D. Environmental Science
Oakwood College Monroe Cara E. Biochemistry
Xavier University of Louisiana Obih Ikechukwu J. Biology
Bowie State University Onyewu Ogechi U. Engineering
Hampton University Pace Leonard JR Marine/Environmental Sci.
Hampton University Peebles Brandon L. Enviornmental Science
Dillard University Rochon Hildred S. Natural and Life Science
University of Puerto Rico Ruperto Jessica M. Industrial Biotechnology
University of Puerto Rico Vazquez Irma L. Enviornmental Science

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