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As of 2006, four (4) small businesses have been created by P3 student teams and their faculty advisors.

Oberlin College

Developing and Assessing the Impact of a Socio-Technological Resource-Use Feedback System for Improving the Environmental Performance of Buildings and Institutions

Researchers designed and tested a relatively low-cost system that enables easy observation and interpretation of total energy and water consumption for individual dormitory floors or an entire college campus.

Greening the Campus: Improving the Environmental Performance of Buildings and Institutions

Knowing the Score Helps Students Save Energy

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Lowertown: A Collaborative Effort in Sustainable Urban Redevelopment

P3 students designed a comprehensive master plan for the Lowertown neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Mich., an area that has been targeted ripe for urban redevelopment. The plan will be used by the Ann Arbor Planning Commission and as a teaching tool at the University of Michigan to create ecologically sustainable, urban development projects.

View Building Green for the Future: Case Studies of Sustainable Development in Michigan (PDF) (108 pp, 2.3 MB, about PDF)

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Lehigh University

Making Water Treatment Plants Sustainable

Synthesis of a Polymeric Hybrid Ion Exchanger with Recovered Iron(III) Towards the Removal of Arsenic

P3 researchers are determining if 70 percent of ferric hydroxides can be removed from water treatment wastes and then used to capture arsenic from other water supplies. This project could reduce treatment wastes from one part of the globe (the US) and create a treatment mechanism to remove arsenic from other water supplies, for example, in India.

University of California - Berkeley

Shedding Light on Clean Drinking Water

UV-Tube Design Concept for Sustainable, Point-of-Use Water Disinfection

P3 students are helping to disinfect drinking water at the point of use-the household tap or neighborhood well - using two designs in the field using ultraviolet tubes. The researchers are performing monthly biological tests; conducting user preference, health, and willingness to pay surveys; and collecting user feedback on the designs.

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