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Photos of the 2012 P3 Exhibitors

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American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Spark Club
The Spark Club of Washington, D.C. is an after school program for middle school students to learn about physics and engineering with an emphasis on alternative energy sources.

AIA/DC Committee on the Environment
Greening your home! COTEdc is a committee of green building professionals that educate and promote sustainable strategies for commercial and residential design.
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Youth Council on Sustainable Science and Technology (YCOSST)
AIChE YCOSST’s mission is to create an understanding about sustainability issues and principals, raise awareness of the science and technology behind sustainable choices, and develop grass root campus efforts.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), TAC Committee on Sustainability
A cosponsor of the National Sustainable design expo, ASCE is an engineering professional society and global leader in sustainability. Visit ASCEville! Find 20 innovations that improve our quality of life. See how permeable pavement helps ensure our supply of clean water.

American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
A national professional association for landscape architects, ASLA seeks to lead, to educate and to participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning and artful design of our cultural and natural environments.
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)
A cosponsor of the National Sustainable design expo, AASHE provides thought leadership for advancing campus sustainability by providing an engaged community with invaluable resources.

Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF)
Check out CELF’s booth for information on their unique sustainability programs for teachers and students! #goforgreen

Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, D.C.
Home-built and commercially available electric vehicles are on display including cars, motorcycles, electric bicycles and others.

Energy Star
Visit the EPA energy Star interactive exhibit to learn ways to save energy, save money and help protect the climate.

Engineering for Change (E4C)
A cosponsor of the National Sustainable design expo, E4C facilitates discovery, development and implementation of appropriate solutions for pressing needs to improve quality of life all over the world.
Engineers Without Borders (EWB-USA), Washington DC Professional Chapter
A cosponsor of the National Sustainable design expo, EWB-USA pairs engineers and college students to help communities meet basic needs sustainably. Whether it’s providing clean H20, building a school, clinic, bridge or providing power...@ EWBUSA is here to help. #Sustainabledevelopment

Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI)
EESI helps Congress advance energy efficiency and renewable energy policy solutions.
Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH)
Serving the National Capital region, FBCH is the first military hospital in the country to combine evidence-based design and sustainable return on investment.

Lab School of Washington with Kingdom Purposes
This partnership is exhibiting The Supergrow Container™, a 40-foot organic produce grow module used for disaster relief and community support. it operates anywhere in the world regardless of weather.

Newton Marasco Foundation (NMF)
Inspiring tomorrow’s stewards through youth designed and driven programs, NmF teaches the value and ethics of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Come play environmental multi-media games and find out about environmental books for students.>
Prince George’s County Department of Environmental Resources
Inspiring tomorrow’s stewards through youth designed and driven programs, NmF teaches the value and ethics of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Come play environmental multi-media games and find out about environmental books for students.

Student Conservation Association (SCA)
SCA provides hands-on conservation opportunities for more than 4000 young people in all 50 states!
Trees for the Future
Trees for the Future works to improve the livelihoods of communities through sustainable agriculture and the planting of beneficial trees.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
As the Nation’s environmental engineer, our focus is on engineering solutions for a sustainable future.

U.S. Army Net Zero Program
The army’s Net Zero installation initiative is advancing an integrated approach and will improve the management of energy, water and waste.
U.S. Defense Logistics Agency
As america’s combat logistics support agency, dLa supports sustainability by offering their customers environmentally responsible products and services.

U.S. Department of State Green Diplomacy Initiative
The greening diplomacy initiative is responsible for coordinating the department of State’s efforts in leading by example and improving the sustainability of its facilities and operations.
U.S. EPA Reduce Runoff Program
EPA’s office of Wetlands, oceans and Watersheds promotes stormwater management practices that individuals and communities can use to protect water quality by mimicking the natural water cycle. Visit the booth to learn how to slow it down, spread it out and soak it in!

U.S. EPA Office of Wastewater Management
U.S. EPA’s office of Wastewater management (OWM) programs are designed to ensure that our surface waters and aquatic ecosystems protect human health, support economic and recreational activities, and provide habitat for fish, plants, and wildlife. Visit our self guided and interactive exhibit to learn about our programs and how you can contribute towards preventing water pollution even within your neighborhood.

U.S. EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds
Visit the exhibit to learn about how you can make a difference and protect your local river, lake, ocean or wetland!

U.S. EPA Patrick Hurd Sustainability Award Winner
Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
Param Jaggi won the EPA award for the Algae-Mobile, a bioactive device that fits into the exhaust of a car and uses photosynthetic algae to decrease vehicle emissions. intel ISEF is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, provides an annual forum for more than 1,600 high school students from nearly 60 countries, regions and territories to showcase their independent research.

U.S. Navy Energy and Environmental Readiness Division
The Navy is committed to improving energy security and environmental stewardship to carry out its mission while minimizing impacts.

U.S. Peace Corps
Peace Corps Volunteers think global and act local in communities around the world every day. They become leaders in grassroots efforts to protect and preserve the environment in the countries in which they serve, engaging in projects such as establishing forest conservation plans, helping develop alternatives to wood as a fuel source, and collaborating with various organizations to promote environmental awareness. They strengthen communities’ understanding of environmental issues, providing people with the knowledge to develop their own programs and make their own choices about how best to protect and preserve the local environment.
Worldwatch Institute
The Worldwatch institute, a sustainability think tank, showcases its current work on sustainable energy roadmaps.

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