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Will food be provided? Information regarding meals to be provided is forthcoming. Drinking water will be available. The National Park Service does not allow the sale of food on the National Mall; however, you may purchase drinks and snacks at the nearby museums or street vendors. You may choose to bring coolers or snacks with you. To minimize damage to the National Mall, we ask that ice from coolers be dumped into the storm drains and not on the grass. Trash and recycling receptacles will be provided to dispose of wrappers or containers. Glass containers are not permitted on the National Mall grounds.

View Eateries and Parking Map (2 pp, 171 K)

What will our exhibit space look like?

P3 Teams: Freestanding 8x8 double-sided poster boards will be arranged in rows. Each team will have one side of the poster board (i.e., the team sharing your poster board will be behind your exhibit space and separated from your team by the board). The width of the poster board and the 8 table in front of each board will define each teams space. There will be no divisions along the sides. The poster boards only have 4 x 8 of actual poster space, which is reserved for the posters themselves. The legs of the poster board account for the other 4. Viewing pictures from the last three events at www.epa.gov/p3 may help you visualize the exhibit area.

If you need more than an 8 x 8 space, contact Jennifer Legge (P3Expo@saic.com) as soon as possible, preferably no later than February 22nd. You will need to hang the posters in your 8 x 8 area, but we will try to designate an area outside of the tent adjacent to your poster board for your larger items. Examples of large items from the previous events include windmills, buses, and solar panels. Additional posters would not be a good use of any outside space.

Exhibitors:The backdrop of your exhibit area will be pipe and drape; there will be no partitions between the exhibits on the sides. Wind at this event has historically been a problem, so consider bringing items to secure your pop-up or table-top exhibit. Viewing pictures from the last three events at www.epa.gov/p3 may help you visualize the exhibit area.

Will electricity be provided? All P3 Teams will be provided with electricity, but electricity will not be provided for each exhibitor. We may be able to accommodate special requests from exhibitors if electricity is crucial to the success of their exhibit. We recommend that you bring long extension cords to ensure that you will be able to access the nearest supply point. To request electricity, contact Jennifer Legge (P3Expo@saic.com).

Can I leave items in the tent overnight? Regardless of our security measures, this is a public location. Participants are advised not to leave valuables unattended or in the tents overnight.

Is there wireless Internet access? None will be provided, but you may be able to find a network by chance.

Is water available on the National Mall? Drinking water will be provided, but there is no running water on the National Mall. If your exhibit or demonstration requires a significant amount of water, you should plan ahead and bring it with you to the event.

Who do we contact about a special need? We will do what we can to accommodate special circumstances or help you find local resources. Please contact Jennifer Legge (P3Expo@saic.com) to discuss your needs.

Can we ship exhibit materials to the Expo? Because the Expo is on the National Mall, you will not be able to ship materials directly to the Expo site. If you need to send materials from out of town, you should ship them to your hotel and arrange for transport from the hotel to the Expo.

What are the procedures for drop-off and pick-up of exhibit materials? A few weeks prior to the event, we will send you detailed arrival and set-up procedures. However, you should be aware that vehicle access to the National Mall grounds is prohibited. In the event that you require a vehicle to transport your items to the Mall area, nearby street parking, which is approximately 50 yards away from the tent, may be utilized for unloading. These parking areas are restricted prior to 10:00 a.m. on weekdays, so we encourage participants to use them only temporarily for unloading of materials. To avoid ticketing, please do not leave vehicles in these restricted parking areas unattended.

How many copies of handouts should I bring? In the spirit of sustainability, we ask that you do not bring an excessive number of handouts for distribution at the event. We suggest that you bring approximately 200 copies of handouts, as well as business cards or small items with your Web site address, so that participants can view materials electronically. Although many people will stop at your exhibit space, most will not take brochures. We also ask that you plan to take any undistributed materials with you after the event.

What should we wear? Considering that the event will be outdoors, the dress code is casual. For example, the event staff will likely wear khaki pants and long sleeve polos. We encourage the P3 Teams to show their team spirit by wearing matching shirts. (However, please be aware that the purchase of shirts is not an allowable expense for your P3 grant award funds.) The temperature in the Washington, DC area varies dramatically in April. An average day is likely to be in the 50s, but we suggest that you refer to updated forecasts closer to the event date. More formal attire is recommended for the awards ceremony and reception.

Do I have to register for the Expo?

P3 Teams: YYES, ALL TEAM MEMBERS AND ADVISORS NEED TO REGISTER, even if they will not be attending the Expo. This registration will guarantee that everyone will be named on the Award if your team wins. Registration forms have been distributed to the P3 Teams and should be returned to Jennifer Legge (P3Expo@saic.com). The registration form includes a question regarding whether or not you will attend the Expo. Please answer to the best of your knowledge now. We will confirm who will be attending in early March.

Exhibitors: Yes, all exhibitors need to register for the Expo on the Mall by contacting Jennifer Legge (P3Expo@saic.com). Registration will guarantee that you will have an official name badge to be worn onsite during the Expo and will place you on the guest list for the Awards Ceremony and Reception (details to follow).

Do I have to attend the P3 Award Ceremony and Reception? Representatives from every P3 team are required to attend both the Expo and the P3 Award Ceremony P3 teams are required to have their Expo set-up complete by 1:00 PM on Friday, April 23, 2010. Other exhibitors are welcome and encouraged to attend. The event is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, April 24-25, 2010.

Can guests attend the P3 Award Ceremony and Reception? Yes! Guests need to register by contacting Jennifer Legge (P3Expo@saic.com). All attendees must bring a valid photo ID to be admitted.


Can we use smaller fonts on our posters? Yes, but keep in mind that the font sizes were recommended to ensure that visitors could read the text from the other side of your exihibit table, a distance of approximately 8 feet.

How does the judging for the P3 Award and associated P3 Phase II grant take place? See description on "Information for P3 Teams" page of the P3 website.

Can we meet with our congressional representatives? In previous years, P3 teams enhanced their experience of visiting our Nation's capital by meeting with their Representatives and Senators to share with them the team's project and information about the P3 Program. Visits can be arranged with and by the local district office as well as the offices at the U.S. Capital. You can find contact information for your Representatives/Senators at http://www.usa.gov/contact/elected.shtml. Teams can contact the local district office to make arrangements with the DC office, to request a meeting with your Representatives/Senators in DC, or to invite Representatives/Senators to visit their exhibit on the National Mall. You can contact officials representing your home district as well as those representing the district where your institution is located.

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