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2008 Expo and P3 Videos

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The following videos contain interviews of the P3 project teams, and demonstrations of their projects at the Fourth Annual National Sustainable Design Expo held April 20-22, 2008 on the National Mall in Washington DC. Additional videos will be added as they become available.

Award Winners | Honorable Mentions

Award Winners
Drexel University
SU833524: A Novel Reactor Design for Efficient Production of Biodiesel from High Free-Fatty-Acid Oils
Drexel University
(Flash Video, 2:24, 10.56MB)
(MP4, 2:24, 13.85 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:24, 12.76 MB)
Loyola University
SU83352: Innovative Biodiesel Production: A Solution to the Scientific, Technical, and Educational Challenges of Sustainability
Loyola University
(Flash Video, 3:07, 14.88MB)
(MP4, 3:07, 19.34 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:07, 17.77 MB)
University of California at UC Berkeley
SU833553: Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation in Rural Bangladesh
University of California - Berkeley
(Flash Video, 2:58, 13.79MB)
(MP4, 2:58, 18.22 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:58, 16.8 MB)
University of California at UC Davis
SU833562: Production of Natural Plastics in Wastewater Treatment
University of California - Davis
(Flash Video, 3:10, 11.74MB)
(MP4, 3:10, 19.05 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:10, 15.91 MB)
University of Illinois
SU833546: Sustainable Water Development Program for Rural Nigeria
University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
(Flash Video, 3:01, 14.25MB)
(MP4, 3:01, 18.2 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:01, 17.18 MB)
University of Iowa
SU833521: Design and Testing of a Point of Use Electrolytic Chlorine Generator for Drinking Water Disinfection in Poor Countries
University of Iowa
(Flash Video, 3:17, 15.67MB)
(MP4, 3:17, 20.1 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:17 18.5 MB)
Honorable Mentions
Appalachian State University
SU833560: The Boone Bicycle Initiative: A Community Based Project to Promote Bicycles as an Alternative Mode of Transportation
Appalachian State University
(Flash Movie, 3:07 15.27MB)
(MP4, 3:07, 19.54 MB )
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:07, 18.18 MB )
Clemson University
SU833512: Waste Tires on the Island of Dominica: Survey and Solutions
Clemson University
(Flash Movie, 3:11, 13MB)
(MP4, 3:11, 19.95 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:11, 18.42 MB)
Columbia University
SU833528: Development Plan of a Sustainable Micro Hydro Power Plant and Distribution System for Tribal Village Cluster in Rural India
Columbia University
(Flash Movie, 3:40, 14.62MB)
(MP4, 3:40, 22.67 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:40, 21.02 MB)
Gonzaga University
SU833541: West Africa Technology, Education and Reciprocity (WATER) for Benin
Gonzaga University
(Flash Movie, 3:35, 14.72MB)
(MP4, 3:35, 22.48 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:35, 20.0 MB)
Humboldt State University
SU833530: Catching the Wind: A Low Cost Method for Wind Power Site Assessment
Humboldt State University
(Flash Movie, 3:00, 12.06MB)
(MP4, 3:00, 18.83 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:00, 17.15 MB)
Illinois Institute of Technology
SU833549: Design of Sustainable Water Supply and Distribution System for Pignon, Haiti
Illinois Institute of Technology
(Flash Movie, 2:31, 10.39MB)
(MP4, 2:31, 15.46 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:31, 14.31 MB)
John Brown University
SU833544: Sustainable Community Development Water Slow-Sand Filtration
John Brown University
(Flash Movie, 3:00, 12.01MB)
(MP4, 3:00, 18.44 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:00, 17.18 MB)
Keene State College
SU833523: Keene Community Partnership for a Closed Loop Biodiesel System
Keene State College
(Flash Movie, 2:56, 11.96MB)
(MP4, 2:56, 18.26 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:56, 16.30 MB)
Marquette University
SU833543: Sustainable Water Supply for La Garrucha, Guatemala
Marquette University
(Flash Movie, 2:52, 11.33MB)
(MP4, 2:52, 17.99 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:52, 16.42 MB)
Ohio University
SU833539: Improving Public Awareness of Chemical Exposure Issues through a 3-D Online Environmental Education Game
Ohio University
(Flash Movie, 3:01, 12.02MB)
(MP4, 3:01, 18.51 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:01, 17.27 MB)
Ok State and Illinois State University
SU833517: The Mans Jacket Design for Disassembly: an Implementation of C2CAD Framework
Oklahoma State University and Illinois State University
(Flash Movie, 3:46, 14.79MB)
(MP4, 3:46, 23.03 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:46, 21.54 MB)
Oregon State University
SU833535: Sustainable Biofuels Systems for Undeveloped Regions
Oregon State University
(Flash Movie, 3:05, 12.09MB)
(MP4, 3:05, 18.92 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:05, 17.55 MB)
Pennsylvania State University
SU833534: Green Engineering to Reduce the Use of Petroleum Energy Resources. Phase I. Use of Sustainable Sources of Feed Stocks for the Production of Biodiesel Fuel An Undergraduate Educational Program
Pennsylvania State University
(Flash Movie, 1:45, 6.94MB)
(MP4, 1:45, 11.03 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 1:45, 9.60 MB)
Radford University
SU833513: Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Solid Acid Catalyst for Improved Use of Waste Oil Feedstock for Biodiesel Production
Radford University
(Flash Movie, 1:45, 6.93MB)
(MP4, 1:45, 10.91 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 1:45, 10.05 MB)
Rice University
SU833547: Water Treatment and Education in Villahermosa, Mexico
Rice University
(Flash Movie, 3:07, 12.47MB)
(MP4, 3:07, 19.26 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:07, 17.98 MB)
Cooper Union
SU833551: The Development of an Indigenous Fluoride Filter
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art
(Flash Movie, 3:08, 13.23MB)
(MP4, 3:08, 19.27 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:08, 18.13 MB)
Cooper Union
SU833538: Solar Lighting for Remote Rural Communities
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art
(Flash Movie, 2:08, 8.99MB)
(MP4, 2:08, 12.83 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:08, 11.87 MB)
University of California - Davis
SU833554: Sustainable Biological Phosphorous Removal: A New Theory to Meet Increasingly Stringent Effluent Discharge Requirements
University of California - Davis
(Flash Movie, 3:19, 13.76MB)
(MP4, 3:19, 20.08 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 3:19, 18.61 MB)
University of Idaho
SU833561: Architecture as Pedagogy: Interdisciplinary Design and Creation of a Carbon Neutral Idaho Environmental Learning Center at the University of Idaho McCall Field Campus
University of Idaho
(Flash Movie, 2:58, 12.61MB)
(MP4, 2:58, 18.30 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:58, 16.58 MB)
University of Missouri - Columbia
SU833545: Enhanced Nutrient Removal from On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems
University of Missouri - Columbia
(Flash Movie, 2:19, 9.66MB)
(MP4, 2:19, 14.19 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:19, 13.04 MB)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
SU833548: Development and Evaluation of Three Simple, Low-Cost, Low-Tech Tests for Microbial Fecal Indicators in Drinking and Recreational Water
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(Flash Movie, 2:13, 9.11MB)
(MP4, 2:13, 13.59 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:13, 12.43 MB)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
SU833518: Nanostructured Material Design for Mercury, Arsenic, and Selenium Capture
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
(Flash Movie, 1:47, 7.78MB)
(MP4, 1:47, 10.82 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 1:47, 9.80 MB)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
SU833520: Wind Power from Kites: Low-Cost, Sustainable Energy for Developing Nations
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
(Flash Movie, 2:18, 9.72MB)
(MP4, 2:18, 14.04 MB)
(Windows Media Player Video, 2:18, 12.96 MB)

Press: Broadcast quality video and high resolution photos of the winning P3 teams are now available


This contact information is for media only. If you are a member of the media and would like additional information about the P3 event, please contact:

Mary Wigginton (wigginton.mary@epa.gov)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20046
Phone: 703-347-8076
E-mail: wigginton.mary@epa.gov

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