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By Nathan Hale

follup image(HERALDNEWS - May 18, 2006) - A team from Lafayette College, including Fair Lawn resident Debra Perrone (front right in photo), was one of six winners last week at the Environmental Protection Agency's annual P3 (People, Prosperity, Planet) Awards competition. The prize included a $10,000 grant to continue work on its project, a sustainable water supply and sanitation system for the village of La Fortuna in Honduras. "Working on sustainable solutions for Honduras deepened my focus on the environment and changed how I will forever design any civil engineering project," Perrone said via e-mail. "Through my travel to the village and working this semester on the P3 project, my peers and I have realized that what we build, builds us. As aspiring engineers we no longer only look at the most efficient solution; we tie in all social, economic and environmental aspects of a project, ensuring that it is the most sustainable solution."

More funds are needed, she added, but with this grant, the team will be able to implement its water system as early as late August. Some of the award's benefits will be felt on Lafayette's campus in Easton, Pa., as well. "The grant money is also giving our chapter a chance to expand and become even more interdisciplinary and reach out to help guide other college chapters, which was one of our many goals for P3," said Perrone, who, in addition to this project, will also work on the New York City water tunnel this summer. For a full list of winners and project descriptions, visit http://epa.gov/ncer/P3/.

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