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2005 Phase 2 Award Winners and Honorable Mentions

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Phase 2 Award Winners

Institution Project Title Project Description Team Photos Award Photos
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Encouraging Toxic Use Reduction in Academic Laboratories Can research labs use less toxic chemicals?... [Read More]

Phase 2 Project

Oberlin College, Brown University A Visual Feedback System for Improving the Environmental Performance of Buildings and Institutions Researchers designed and tested a relatively low-cost system that enables easy observation and interpretation of total energy and water consumption for individual dormitory floors or an entire college campus... [Read More]

Phase 2 Project

Rochester Institute of Technology Design and Development of a Low Cost, Multifunction, Regionally Appropriate Solar Oven for Developing Countries in Latin America The objective of this study is to design and develop a series of solar ovens that can be mass-produced at low cost... [Read More]

Phase 2 Project

University of California at Berkeley UV-Tube Design Concept for Sustainable, Point-of-Use Water Disinfection Can UV-tubes be used successfully in developing countries to treat drinking water at the point of use - the household tap or neighborhood well?... [Read More]

Phase 2 Project

University of Colorado at Denver Sustainable Energy Systems Design for a Tribal Village in India The objective of this P3 project is to sustainably meet the energy needs of Trishul, a tribal village in Maharashtra, India, by using locally available materials, integrating different renewable energy systems, and designing environmentally benign, and locally appropriate, energy-storage options... [Read More]

Phase 2 Project

University of Michigan AWARE@home: Profitably Integrating Conservation into the American Home This P3 project developed an information gathering and reporting tool that will allow households to monitor their own resource consumption patterns in real time and on-demand, and to measure the costs and impacts of specific energy conservation actions... [Read More]
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Comparative Analysis of Three Sustainable Point of Use Drinking Water Treatment Technologies for Developing Nations Are Point of Use water treatment technologies effective and affordable in developing countries?... [Read More]

Phase 2 Project


2005 Honorable Mentions

Institution Project Title Project Description Team Photos
Arizona State University A Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Urban Water Management Can urban scale models help urban planners sustain urban water supplies? ...[Read More]
Brown University Farm to College: Reducing Food Miles through Direct Purchasing This project is creating a system for direct purchasing between Brown University Dining Services and local farms ...[Read More]
Colorado State University Sustainable Housing at Pine Ridge Reservation This P3 team is working to develop regionally, culturally, and economically appropriate housing choices for the residents of Pine Ridge Reservation ...[Read More]
Gonzaga University Pathogen Reduction with Sustainable and Appropriate Technology for a Secondary School Sanitation Facility in Azové, Benin Designing Water treatment systems for schools in developing countries ...[Read More]
Illinois Institute of Technology Scrap Tire Recycling: Convincing Businesses to Integrate Inexpensive, Cutting-edge Technology to Convert Tires Into Various Construction Materials Using scrap tires to make low-cost construction material and polymer coatings ...[Read More]  
Miami University Eco-Wall Systems: Using Recycled Material in the Design of Commercial Interior Wall Systems for Buildings Can recycled paper products be used as the primary material in commercial interior wall systems? ...[Read More]
Michigan Technological University, Southern University, A&M College P3 Design Project for an Interdisciplinary Team of Graduate Students: Development of Appropriate, Sustainable Construction Materials Training engineers to use sustainable construction materials ...[Read More]
Oberlin College Community-Scale Biodiesel: An Affordable, Renewable Resource Students designed and built a community-scale, processing facility for biodiesel that minimizes the environmental impacts of biodiesel production and makes ...[Read More]
Rutgers, State University of New Jersey Engineered Stormwater Management for Low-Income Urban Communities Can storm water management solutions be engineered for low income urban communities? ...[Read More]
University of California at Berkeley Smart Growth: Infill Development Along a Multilane Transit Corridor This project will develop an "infill" plan for San Pablo Avenue on the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay Area ...[Read More]
University of Colorado at Denver Waste to Value: Incorporating Industrial Symbiosis for Sustainable Infrastructure Using industrial wastes as raw materials in various industrial processes ...[Read More]
University of Connecticut Pollution Reduction and Resources Saving Through the Use of Waste Derived Gas for Fueling a High Temperature Fuel Cell Fuel cells are widely recognized to be ultra-clean, high-efficiency, energy conversion systems that can address ...[Read More
University of Michigan Sustainable Modular Panelized System: Reinventing the Building Industry This P3 team is rethinking conventional building practices and establishing a new system through which production waste can be reduced and sustainable and environmentally friendly products can be used in innovative ways ...[Read More]
University of Utah Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production Prototype Most hydrogen gas is currently produced from nonsustainable sources by a process that emits greenhouse gas byproducts ...[Read More]

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