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Extramural Research - People, Prosperity and the Planet

2006/2007 P3 Teams

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2006-2007 P3 Awards - Phase 1: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet Progress Reports

Institution EPA Grant Number Project Title Project Descriptions Photos
Albion College SU833153 The Effectiveness of Energy Generating Exercise Equipment for Energy Conservation Education Albion College students will create an energy education workout center where college students will use exercise equipment to convert human energy into electricity that is stored for their own practical use.[Read More] Photos
Appalachian State University SU833170 The Affordable Bioshelters Project: Testing Technologies for Affordable Bioshelters Appalachian State University students will design and build affordable greenhouses that are powered renewably to conserve energy and, therefore, reduce the demand for fossil fuels, and allow more food to be grown locally at lower economic and ecological cost.[Read More] Photos
Ball State University SU833188 Enhanced Sustainability through Straw-Bale Construction: Education-Research Building Demonstrating How to Live Sustainably in the Midwest The Ball State University team is designing a straw-bale building as part of an integrated water-wastewater-energy-building-landscape-education system that demonstrates how to live sustainably in the Midwest.[Read More]  
California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo SU833154 Production of Biodiesel from Algae applied to Agricultural Wastewater Treatment California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo students will grow algae from dairy wastewater in bench-scale bioreactors and determine algal lipid production rate.[Read More] Photos
California State Polytechnic University - Pomona SU833187 GREEN KIT: A Modular, Variable Application System for Sustainable Cooling The California State Polytechnic University - Pomona team will develop the "Green Kit" that can help individual homeowners achieve thermal comfort at lower costs than traditional heating and air conditioning systems. [Read More] Photos
Columbia University SU833183 Development Plan of a Sustainable Water Management Plan for a Rapidly Urbanizing Ghanaian Village The Columbia University team is developing a sustainable water management plan for Sakyikrom, Ghana, which currently has limited access to clean water and will be growing at an astounding rate with the construction of a new major highway through the community.[Read More] Photos
Cornell University SU833179 AguaClara: Clean Water for Small Communities The Cornell University - AguaClara project is improving drinking water quality in the Global South through innovative research, knowledge transfer, open source engineering, and design of sustainable, replicable water treatment systems. [Read More] Photos
Cornell University SU833167 Performance of Solar Hot Water Collectors for Electricity Production and Climate Control Cornell University students will evaluate solar thermal collectors and thermal storage systems that are commercially available for residential heat and electrical power systems.[Read More] Photos
Duke University SU833191 Deployable Homes Following Natural Disasters Duke University students will assist Gulf Coast residents by identifying relevant sustainable technologies that show promise for improving the sustainability, durability, affordability, and accessibility of temporary housing.  [Read More] Photos
Duke University SU833149 TA Brown Mechanical Aerator Duke University students are working with Serasih Indonesia to develop a prototype aerator from locally available materials that can be used by local aquaculture farmers to oxygenate their shrimp hatcheries and increase the economic yield of their harvests in and around Banda Aceh, Indonesia.[Read More] Photos
Duquesne University SU833193 Interactive Planning Tool for Sustainable Urban Planning in a Built, Urban Community The Duquesne University team will create a tool that can be used to redesign the municipal zoning ordinances for the Borough of Dormont, Pennsylvania.[Read More] Photos
Gonzaga University SU833175 Decentralized Waste Treatment and Energy Recovery in Rwanda The Gonzaga University team has designed and tested methods to provide energy efficient water and wastewater treatment for a low-income area of Kigali, Rwanda. [Read More] Photos
Illinois Institute of Technology SU833176 Low-Cost Water Purification System: Developing an Effective Water Purification System for Local Production Which Offers Sustainable Economic Stimulus Illinois Institute of Technology students will design a novel water purification system using clays to reduce bacterial and other pollutants such as hardness, arsenic, and nitrates in drinking water. [Read More] Photos
Lehigh University SU833178 Containment of Highly Concentrated Arsenic-laden Spent Regenerant on the Indian Subcontinent Lehigh University students will aim to find a way to safely dispose of sludge that is high in toxic arsenic.[Read More] Photos
Macalester College SU833194 Regionally Appropriate Sustainable Design: Urban Green Roof Applications for Temperate Continental Climates The Macalester College team will determine the economic benefits of green roof technology by installing a 1350 sq. ft. extensive green roof of native plants on an existing campus building.[Read More] Photos
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology SU833166 The Design and Fabrication of a Lower Cost Heliostat Mirror System for Utilizing Solar Energy New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology students will develop a lower-cost heliostat - a mirror-based system that is used to continuously reflect sunlight onto a central receiver where the solar energy is converted to electrical power. [Read More] Photos
New Mexico State University - Main Campus SU833177 Drinking Water Purification for U.S.A.-Mexico Border Region The New Mexico State University - Main Campus team will develop a technology that can remove arsenic and fluoride from well water along the New Mexico/Mexico border.[Read More] Photos
North Carolina State University SU833151 Natural Surfactants in Paper Recycling North Carolina State University at Raleigh students will develop protocols to use environmentally-friendly surfactants (sugar-based surfactants) to remove inks from recycled paper. [Read More] Photos
Northwestern University SU833172 Solar Photovoltaic System Design for a Remote Community in Panama Northwestern University students will design and help implement cost-effective, solar power systems that will meet the electrical needs of Santo Domingo, Panama, in a culturally sensitive manner.[Read More] Photos
Ohio State University SU833184 Development of a Sustainable and Appropriate Drinking Water System for Montana de Luz and Nueva Esperanza, Honduras The Ohio State University team will design an appropriate and sustainable water treatment and supply system for an orphanage for children with HIV/AIDS and a nearby small village (Nueva Esperanza) in rural Honduras.[Read More] Photos
Oklahoma State University SU833190 The Chameleon House: an Adaptive Sustainable Manufactured Home Oklahoma State University student teams will design a manufactured home that uses minimal amount of purchased energy to provide heating and cooling for its occupants. [Read More] Photos
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute SU833180 Providing Safe Water to Rural Nepal: A Novel Water Filtration System The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute team will develop a filtration system to provide safe drinking water to rural villages in Nepal.[Read More] Photos
Rochester Institute of Technology SU833185 Solar Pasteurizer with Integral Heat Exchanger for Treating Water in Rural Areas Rochester Institute of Technology students will design, build, and test a novel solar device to treat water in remote rural areas without electrical power.[Read More] Photos
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey SU833186 Evaluating Point-Nonpoint Source Water Quality Trading in a Raritan River Basin Sub-Watershed The Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey team will address water quality issues in the Raritan River Basin of New Jersey by determining whether several small sustainable trading markets within a large watershed can lead to greater success overall compared with implementing one larger-scale trading market.[Read More]  
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville SU833189 Optimizing Green Roof Technologies in the Midwest Southern Illinois University Edwardsville students will improve knowledge about storm water loss, storm water quality and thermal effects associated with green roofs and will provide a platform for educating others about green roof technologies.[Read More] Photos
Stevens Institute of Technology SU833157 Harnessing Ocean Wave Energy to Generate Electricity: A Scalable Model Designed to Harness a Large Range of Surface Waves on the Ocean The Stevens Institute of Technology team will develop a device to harness ocean wave energy to produce electricity.[Read More] Photos
University of Alabama at Birmingham SU833158 A Bio-Diesel Baja Vehicle and Student Competition University of Alabama at Birmingham students will convert a vehicle created for the SAE Mini Baja® design competition into a biodiesel vehicle, and through this process create the rules for a new competition with a focus on vehicle performance and production from biodiesel fuels. [Read More] Photos
University of Colorado SU833174 Sustainable Concrete Bacterial Filtration System for Developing Communities The University of Colorado at Denver team is using concrete to develop an effective water filtration system that can be used in rural and suburban areas of cities without sufficient water treatment facilities.[Read More] Photos
University of Connecticut SU833156 Environmental and Economic Impact Analysis of Manure Digester Biogas-Powered Fuel Cells for the Agricultural Sector The University of Connecticut team will use fuel cell technology to generate a significant source of energy from manure while reducing harmful particulates and greenhouse gas emissions.[Read More] Photos
University of Florida SU833173 QnD – Designing a Participatory Scenario Modeling Tool to Integrate Technology, Ecology, and Sociology in Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve and Beyond University of Florida students will develop a new and innovative breed of models that promote sustainable policies in complex social-ecological systems. [Read More] Photos
University of Florida SU833152 Sustainable Design and Implementation of a Solid Waste Management System in Kratovo, Macedonia: A Learning Partnership between University of Florida and Macedonia through Engineers without Borders University of Florida students will expand a project to design a long-term, sustainable solid waste management program in Kratovo, Macedonia, where solid waste is currently disposed of in the streets, the river, and an illegal landfill.[Read More] Photos
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign SU833147 An Innovative System for Bioremediation of Agricultural Chemicals for Environmental Sustainability This University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign team is working to find an efficient way to reduce chemical leaching from agricultural fields, using a design that requires no maintenance, can be easily installed, and makes use of naturally available materials.[Read More] Photos
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign SU833155 Solar LED Lanterns for the Replacement of Kerosene in the Developing World This University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign team will demonstrate to large investors the viability of light emitting diode (LED) lanterns by designing and creating simple, rugged, and low-cost solar LED lanterns.[Read More] Photos
University of Missouri - Rolla SU833165 A New Approach for Biodiesel Production from Algae University of Missouri - Rolla students will grow algae underground and then use it to produce biodiesel. Because algae do not need high light, and mine environments can be controlled, this should be an excellent way to produce high volumes of algae.[Read More] Photos
University of Missouri - Rolla SU833164 Converting Energy from Reclaimed Heat: Thermal Electric Generator University of Missouri - Rolla students will construct a model that increases the overall power generation of a solar building system by efficiently capturing heat loss and converting this loss to energy.[Read More] Photos
University of New Hampshire SU833148 A Sustainable Method of Water Extraction for School-Community Gardens in Niger, West Africa The University of New Hampshire - Main Campus team developed a sustainable low-technology rope-and-washer pumping system to provide the daily water needed to irrigate school-community gardens in Niger, the poorest country in the world.[Read More] Photos
University of Tennessee – Knoxville SU833150 A Novel Environment Friendly Method for Expansion and Molding of Polymeric Foam This University of Tennessee – Knoxville team is developing an environmentally friendly, new, and efficient process to expand and mold polymeric foam that does not use volatile organic compounds (VOCs).[Read More] Photos
University of Tennessee - Knoxville SU833168 Photosynthetic Biohydrogen, An All-Worlds Solution to Global Energy Production This University of Tennessee - Knoxville team will design a bio-hydrogen facility that uses algae to produce hydrogen.  The facility will be able to supply the transportation fuel for a city of 100,000.[Read More] Photos
University of Virginia SU833195 The Learning Barge: Environmental + Cultural Ecologies on the Elizabeth River The University of Virginia team, in collaboration with community partners, is designing and fabricating an off-the-grid, floating field station. [Read More] Photos
Washington State University SU833192 Designing and Demonstrating Sustainable Multi-Family Attached Housing Washington State University students will design and build cost-effective and environmentally-friendly multi-family attached houses.[Read More] Photos
Western Washington University SU833169 Bio-Methane for Transportation Western Washington University students will process biogas retrieved from local dairy farms and use it in a high-efficiency, hybrid engine that is powered by natural gas.[Read More] Photos

2006-2007 P3 Awards - Phase 2: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet Progress Reports

Institution EPA Grant Number Project Title Photos
Portland State University SU833205 WISE Website - Whole Systems Integrated Sustainable Design for Education: An Interactive Website for Educators and Students Photos
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor SU833202 Growing Alternative Sustainable Buildings: Biocomposite Products from Natural Fiber, Biodegradable and Recyclable Polymer Materials for Load-bearing Construction Components  
University of Massachusetts - Lowell SU833204 Biocatalytic Polymerization of Naturally Occurring Green Tea Flavonoids for Cancer Therapy Photos
Appalachian State University SU833203 Biodiesel in the Loop: Outreach, Education, and Research Photos
Lafayette College SU833206 Community-Oriented Design and Evaluation Process for Sustainable Infrastructure  
Stanford University SU833201 The Green Dorm: A Sustainable Residence and Living Laboratory for Stanford University Photos

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