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2012/2013 Project Descriptions

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EPA Grant Number: SU835337
Title: Sustainable Irrigation in Rural South Africa: Studying the Alcock Ram Pump System for Optimized Manufacture and Reproducibility

In rural communities in the developing world, women and children can spend hours each day hauling water for drinking and watering crops. The ram pump -- which is an age-old technology that uses the kinetic energy of a running stream to pump water -- has been used in many places to alleviate this burden and provide needed water. Johns Hopkins University students have identified the Alcock ram pump, installed in rural communities in South Africa, as a design that has the potential for use worldwide for watering community vegetable gardens. They are working with David Alcock, the pump designer, to develop an innovative system for pump maintenance and parts production to encourage communities around the world to adopt this sustainable technology.

Challenge Area(s): Built Environment, Energy

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