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Extramural Research - People, Prosperity and the Planet

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EPA developed the P3 Award program to generate innovative, inherently benign, integrated, and interdisciplinary designs that advance the scientific, technical, and policy knowledge necessary to further the goals of sustainability. The desired outcomes of P3 Award research are to minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances, effectively and efficiently utilize resources and energy, and simultaneously advance the goals of economic competitiveness and human health and environmental protection.

P3 Awards, Honorable Mentions, and other awards:

The listed projects are successful examples of these desirable results in the areas of people, prosperity, and the planet. For example, these results can be achieved by advancing education (people), developing small businesses (prosperity), and quantifying environmental improvements (planet). The teams and projects that most effectively and meritoriously meet these three objectives simultaneously are recognized with one of EPA's P3 Awards and the possibility of Phase II funding.

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