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Extramural Research: Peer Review Division

Learn About NCER Peer Reviewers


What is an NCER Peer Reviewer?

Business Meeting An NCER Peer Reviewer is an independent scientific or technical expert that serves on an NCER peer review panel on an ad hoc basis.

Expertise and Balance: Peer reviewers are selected based on expertise, experience and skills, including specialists from multiple disciplines, as necessary. The group of reviewers is sufficiently broad and diverse to fairly represent the relevant scientific and technical perspectives and fields of knowledge. The public, including scientific and professional societies, may nominate potential reviewers. (source: 2006 EPA Peer Review Handbook (PDF) (190 pp, 1.2 MB), p. B-26)

Conflicts and Independence: Peer reviewers comply with EPA policy with respect to potential conflicts of interest. Peer reviewers shall not have participated in development of the work product. (source: 2006 EPA Peer Review Handbook (PDF) (190 pp, 1.2 MB), p. B-26)

Benefits of serving on NCER Peer Reviews include:

  • Expand knowledge of cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary research;
  • Expand your networks;
  • Collaborate with other Peer Reviewers;
  • Recommend colleagues who can also benefit;
  • Potentially move into new research areas;
  • Develop/join new research communities;
  • Improve awareness of NCER research;
  • Gain a better understanding of how the NCER grant program and peer review process works;
  • Learn how to improve quality of your own applications;
  • Improve future NCER RFAs by giving feedback;
  • Improve research results and improve research in the overall community;

How to Become an NCER Peer Reviewer

PRD finds qualified reviewers through a variety of sources, including the NCER database, known as Peer Reviewer Information System (PRIS). This is an internal database used only by EPA and is not open to the public.

Technical experts may nominate themselves for inclusion in PRIS by sending an e-mail request including a brief CV to Benjamin Packard (packard.benjamin@epa.gov) of EPA. If you are selected to be a reviewer, you will be required to immediately obtain a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number and register in System for Award Management (SAM) (see below).

Find more information on how to become an NCER Peer Reviewer (PDF) (2 pp, 283 K).

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