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Global Change and Ecosystem Protection Research STAR Progress Review Workshop

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Interactive Effects of Climate Change, Wetlands, and Dissolved Organic Matter on UV Damage to Aquatic Foodwebs
Scott Bridgham, University of Oregon (PDF, 7pp., 237.22 KB) | PowerPoint

The influence of climate-induced alterations in dissolved organic matter on metal toxicity and UV radiation in Rocky Mountain streams
William H. Clements, Colorado State University (PDF, 7pp., 1,001.70 KB) | PowerPoint

A Shallow-water Coastal Habitat Model for Regional Scale Evaluation of Management Decisions in the Chesapeake Region
Charles L. Gallegos, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (PDF, 4pp., 210.75 KB) | PowerPoint

Assessing the Interactive Effects of Landscape, Climate, and UV Radiation on River Ecosystems: Modeling Transparency to UVR and the Response of Biota
Bruce Hargreaves, Lehigh University (PDF, 8pp., 750.32 KB)

Development of Coupled Physical and Ecological Models for Stress-Response Simulations of the Apalachicola Bay Regional Ecosystem
Mark Harwell, Florida A&M University - Part 1 (PDF, 4pp., 190.49 KB) | - Part 2 (PDF, 2pp., 51.66 KB) | - Part 1 PowerPoint | - Part 2 PowerPoint

Developing regional-scale stressor models for managing eutrophication in coastal marine ecosystems: Interactions of nutrients, sediments, land-use change, and climate variability and change.
Robert W. Howarth, Cornell University (PDF, 5pp., 694.47 KB) | PowerPoint

Regional Scale Modeling for Multiple Stressors of Lake Erie
Joseph F. Koonce, Case Western Reserve University (PDF, 6pp., 301.17 KB) | PowerPoint

Individual-based Modeling for Salmonid Management
Roland H. Lamberson, Humboldt State University (PDF, 10pp., 827.50 KB) | PowerPoint

Bayesian Methods for Regional Eutrophication Models
Conrad Lamon, Louisiana State University (PDF , 5pp., 264.46 KB) | PowerPoint

Interactions among climate, humans, and playa wetlands on the Southern High Plains
Scott McMurry, Texas Technical University (PDF, 6pp., 387.20 KB) | PowerPoint

Developing a Risk Propagation Model for Estimating Ecological Responses of Streams to Anthropogenic Watershed Stresses and Stream Modifications
Vladimir Novotny, Northeastern University (PDF, 4pp., 178.98 KB) | PowerPoint

Adaptive Implementation Modeling and Monitoring for TMDL Refinement
Kenneth Reckhow, Duke University (PDF, 3pp., 227.27 KB) | PowerPoint

Effects of Multiple Stressors on Aquatic Communities in the Prairie Pothole Region
Patrick Schoff, University of Minnesota-Duluth (PDF, 6pp., 361.71 KB) | PowerPoint

Developing Relations Among Human Activities, Stressors, and Stream Ecosystem Responses and Linkage in Integrated Regional, Multi-Stressor Models
Mike Wiley, University of Michigan (PDF, 5pp., 1.71 MB) | PowerPoint

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