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Presentations: Joint Progress Review for U.S. EPA STAR Grants: Regional-Scale Stressor-Response Models and Consequences of Global Change

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Agenda | Proceedings (PDF, 47pp., 18.97MB)

Last Name First Name Presentation Title
Bridgham Scott Interactive Effects of Climate Change, Wetlands, and Dissolved Organic Matter on UV Damage to Aquatic Foodwebs (PDF, 39pp., 619KB)
Clements William The Influence of Climate-Induced Alterations in Dissolved Organic Matter on Metal Toxicity and UV Radiation in Rocky Mountain Streams (PDF, 25pp., 256KB)
Gallegos Charles A Shallow-Water Coastal Habitat Model for Regional-Scale Evaluation of Management Decisions in the Virginia Province (PDF, 24pp., 832KB)
Hargreaves Bruce Assessing the Interactive Effects of Land Use, Climate, and UV Radiation on River Ecosystems: Modeling Transparency and the Response of Biota to UVR (PDF, 43pp., 2.90MB)
Harwell Mark Development of Coupled Physical and Ecological Models for Stress-Response Simulations of the Apalachicola Bay (PDF, 28pp., 883KB)
Howarth Robert Developing Regional-Scale Stressor Response Models for Managing Eutrophication in Coastal Marine Ecosystem (PDF, 59pp., 1.29MB)
Koonce Joseph Development of a Regional-Scale Model for the Management of Multiple-Stressors in the Lake Erie Ecosystem (PDF, 20pp., 1.35MB)
Lamberson Roland Individual-Based Fish Models to Regional Decision Making (PDF, 35pp., 1.61MB)
Lamon Conrad Bayesian Methods for Regional-Scale Stressor Response Models (PDF, 38pp., 1.24MB)
McMurry Scott Interactions Among Climate, Humans, and Playa Wetlands on the Southern High Plain (PDF, 27pp., 879KB)
Novotny Vladimir Development of Risk Propagation Model for Development of Risk Propagation Model for Estimating Ecological Response of Streams to Estimating Ecological Response of Streams to Anthropogenic Stresses and Stream Modification (PDF, 26pp., 520KB)
Reckhow Kenneth Adaptive Implementation Modeling and Monitoring for TMDL Refinement (PDF, 27pp., 704KB)
Stevenson R. Jan Developing Relations Among Human Activities, Stressors, and Stream Ecosystem Responses and Linkage in Integrated Regional, Multi-Stressor Models (PDF, 28pp., 2.90MB)
Whitlatch Robert Stressor-Response Modeling of the Interactive Effects of Climate Change and Land Use Patterns on the Alteration of Coastal Marine Systems by Invasive Species (PDF, 40pp., 2.74MB)


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