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Chemoreceptive Neuron MOS (CvMOS) Transistors for Environmental Monitoring in Fluid and Gas Ambients with Field Programmability and High Reliability

Abstract of Talk:
The rising interests to detect and control the specific gas (e.x. CO2 in air) and ion (e.x. K+ in water) concentrations in occasions such as global-warming monitoring, green-house conditioning, air-quality control and biodynamics studies, encourage the design and fabrication of full-CMOS integrated chemical sensors. With the extended floating-gate structure, our chemoreceptive neuron MOS (CvMOS) transistors are able to provide additional degrees of freedom in sensing mechanism by electron-tunneling operations, besides the distinctive responses from the FET-based current-voltage characteristics. We have experimentally demonstrated high sensitivity, large dynamic range and high selectivity from the subthreshold responses for sensing electrolytic and polar substances, and have demonstrated the feasibility for sensor-array applications with built-in electrowetting valves in a power-efficient manner.

The full CMOS sensor array system then contains integrated sensors, actuators, control and computation modules that are suitable for wide depolyment in an autonomous operation.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

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