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Presentations and Abstracts: Workshop on Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

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You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.


Last Name First Name Abstract Presentation
Alwan Al Managing Emerging Contaminants: A Practical Approach (PDF, 23pp., 96KB)
Session I- Wednesday Morning - Chemistry [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 4pp., 26KB)
Armbrust Kevin Occurrence, Environmental Fate, and Exposure Assessment of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) in Aquatic Environments (PDF, 28pp., 721KB)
Armstrong Jeffrey Wastewater Treatment Plant Perspectives: Preliminary Data Suggesting Endocrine Disruptor Effects of Wastewater Discharge into the Pacific Ocean (PDF, 19pp., 832KB)
Benotti Mark Occurrence and Fate of High-Volume Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater-Impacted Environments (PDF, 24pp., 1.02MB)
Bisceglia Kevin Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products as Environmental Contaminants (1): Preliminary Environmental Risk Calculations and Method Development for Analysis in Environmental Media via GC/MS [Presentation not available]
Black Marsha Endocrine Effects of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) on Aquatic Organisms (PDF, 34pp., 1010KB)
Overview of a Framework for Assessing the Hazards of Human Pharmaceuticals in the Environment From a SETAC Pellston Workshop (PDF, 21pp., 146KB)
Brownawell Bruce Detection and Fate of Environmental Estrogens in Wastewater-Impacted Surface and Groundwaters [Presentation not available]
Buzby Mary Perspectives From the Pharmaceutical Industry (PDF, 32pp., 613KB)
Conerly Octavia EPA Regulatory Authority and EPA Regulatory Authority and PPCPs PPCPs [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 16pp., 113KB)
Daughton Christian Overview of Science Involved with Pharmaceuticals [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 59pp., 2.75MB)
U.S. EPA Workshop:Pharmaceuticals in the Environment [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 7pp., 592KB)
Davis J.C. Conveying Risk and Progress: Communicating With the Public About Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water (PDF, 19pp., 658KB)
Eirkson Charles Environmental Assessment for Pharmaceuticals [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 32pp., 325KB)
Galvin David Washington State and King County’s Perspective on Pharmaceutical Stewardship (PDF, 20pp., 1015KB)
Glassmeyer Susan Identifying Chemical Compounds from Wastewater Discharges (PDF, 15pp., 645KB)
Session I- Wednesday Morning - Chemistry [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 2pp., 17KB)
Graham David Mechanisms of Tetracycline Resistance Development in the Environment as Detected by Real-Time PCR [Presentation not available]
Gressitt Stevan Maine: First U.S. Legislation for Unused Pharmaceutical Returns (PDF, 36pp., 1.19MB)
Khiari Djanette Pharmaceuticals and PCPs GWRC activities [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 28pp., 278KB)
Session I- Wednesday Morning - Biology [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 5pp., 27KB)
Kibbey Tohren Adsorption of Beta-Blocker Anti-Hypertensive Pharmaceuticals to a Range of Mineral Surfaces [Presentation not available]
Knapp Charles Fate, Attenuation, and Effects of Fluoroquinolone Antibacterials in Aquatic Systems [Presentation not available]
Kostich Mitchell An Informatic Approach to Estimating Ecological Risks Posed by Pharmaceutical Use (PDF, 13pp., 356KB)
O'Connor Catherine The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago’s Efforts To Reduce Pharmaceuticals That Enter the Water Reclamation Plants (PDF, 15pp., 440KB)
Page Angela D. Overview of the U.S. EPA’s ORD and STAR Program [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 18pp., 805KB)
Rubinstein Lynn Collecting Unwanted Medications for Appropriate Disposal (PDF, 23pp., 326KB)
Seeger Vickie Perspectives From the DEA on What Can and Cannot Be Done Via Drug Take-Back Programs (PDF, 10pp., 241KB)
Smith Bobbye The EPA Regional Perspective – Why Pharmaceuticals in the Environment are an Emerging Science Issue to EPA’s Regions [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 14pp., 217KB)
Session I- Wednesday Morning - Biology [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 3pp., 25KB)
Session I- Wednesday Afternoon - Barriers to Moving Forward [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 7pp., 34KB)
Smith Charlotte Environmental Stewardship of Waste Pharmaceuticals From a Hospital Perspective (PDF, 61pp., 1.67MB)
Tietge Joseph E. Overview of ORD's Aquatic Toxicology Research on Endocrine-Active Chemicals [Presentation not available]
Weinberg Howard Occurrence and Fate of Antibiotics and Other Pharmaceutically Active Compounds During Transport to and During Drinking Water Treatment [Presentation not available]
Wen Chen Session II- Wednesday Afternoon - Policy [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 5pp., 29KB)
The Programmatic and/or Regulatory Constraints to Reducing Pharmaceuticals in the Environment [No abstract submitted] (PDF, 4pp., 25KB)
Yu Jim Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products as Environmental Contaminants (2): Biodegradability Studies and Occurrence in Sewage Treatment Plant Influent and Effluent [Presentation not available]

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