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Publications: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency / U.S. Geological Survey Meeting on Cryptosporidium Removal by Bank Filtration

Last Name First Name Presentation Title
Berger, Philip Cryptosporidium Removal by Bank Filtration
(PDF, 42pp., 287.49KB)
Bouwer, Edward J. Using Riverbank Filtration to Improve Water Quality
(PDF, 34pp., 256.20KB)
Bradford, Scott A. Release of Cryptosporidium and Giardia (Oo)cysts From Dairy Calf Manure: Impact of Solution Salinity
(PDF, 32pp., 844.56KB)
Collins, Robin Assessing Subsurface Filtration and Dilution Processes in Riverbank Filtration Treatment
(PDF, 25pp., 387.00KB)
Constantz, Jim Use of heat as a tracer of stream exchanges with shallow ground water near bank filtration facilities
(PDF, 25pp., 3.15KB)
Constantz, Jim Characterization of the unsaturated zone beneath a bank filtration facility
(PDF, 19pp., 2.64KB)
Darnault, Christophe Cryptosporidium Transport in Unsaturated Flow
(PDF, 19pp., 578.14KB)
Faulkner, Bart One-Dimensional Variably Saturated Microbial Transport Simulations
(PDF, 19 pp., 875.31KB)
Frost, Floyd Serological Monitoring of Pathogen Occurrence
(PDF, 14pp., 19.55KB)
Gollnitz, William D. Induced Infiltration Rate Variability and Water Quality
(PDF, 25pp., 436.15KB)
Hubbs, Steve Crypto Removal at the Louisville RBF System
(PDF, 27pp., 528.76KB)
Langford, Richard A multi-path microsphere tracer test to understand transport of bacteria and protozoa at a bank filtration site.
(PDF, 36pp., 2.40KB)
Massmann, G. Application of Different Tracers to Evaluate the Flow Regime at Riverbank Filtration Sites in Berlin (Germany)
(PDF, 32pp., 3.32KB)
Maxwell, Reed M. Streamline-Based Simulation of Cryptosporidium Transport in Riverbank Filtration
(PDF, 20pp., 4.61KB)
Pachepsky, Yakov Comparison of Batch and Flow Experimental Data on Retention of Manure-borne Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in soils
(PDF, 15pp., 292.74KB)
Reilly, Timothy J. Cellular, biochemical, and immunological methods using diatoms to determine the influence of surface water in ground water systems
(PDF, 32pp., 786.47KB)
Ryan, Joseph Transport of Cryptosporidium parvum Oocysts in Saturated Porous Media
(PDF, 22pp., 1.04KB)
Whiteberry, Bruce Riverbank Filtration at the Charles M. Bolton Well Field Organic and Particle Reduction
(PDF, 38pp., 493.13KB)


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