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Recent Research Projects

Name and Address of Awardee Title of SBIR Project Phase I Award Phase II Award Total
Contract Number RFA FY $ Contract Number RFA FY $
Air Monitoring and Remote Sensing
Name: Aerodyne Research Inc.
State: MA
City: Billerica
Zip: 1821

A Sensitive and Affordable Compact Ammonia Monitor EPD08015
Final Report
2008 $70,000 EPD09039 2009 $345,000 $415,000
Name: Agiltron Inc.
State: MA
City: Woburn
Zip: 1801

Low Cost Imager for Pollutant Gas Leak Detection EPD08017
Final Report
2008 $69,952 EPD09041 2009 $344,910 $414,862
Biofuels and Vehicle Emissions Reduction
Name: Gevo, Inc.
State: CO
City: Englewood
Zip: 80112

Second-Generation Isobutanol Producing Biocatalyst EPD09023
Final Report
2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: Mountain Creek Enterprises
State: GA
City: Monroe
Zip: 30655

Feasibility Study to Produce Biodiesel from Low Cost Oils and New Catalysts Derived from Agricultural & Forestry Residues EPD09031
Final Report
2009 $70,000       $70,000
Control of Air Pollution
Name: Johansson Industries Inc.
State: MA
City: Beverly
Zip: 1915

Plasma Discharge Electrode for Electrostatic Precipitators EPD08037
Final Report
2008 $70,000 EPD09043 2009 $345,000 $415,000
Drinking Water and Water Monitoring
Name: Constellation Technology Corporation
State: FL
City: Largo
Zip: 33777

Online Water Monitoring Utilizing an Automated Microarray Biosensor Instrument EPD09016
Final Report
2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: Electronic Bio Sciences, LLC
State: CA
City: San Diego
Zip: 92121

Rapid Detection of Algal Toxins EPD09019
Final Report
2009 $69,988       $69,988
Name: KWJ Engineering, Inc.
State: CA
City: Newark
Zip: 94560

Reagentless Field-Usable Fixed-Site and Portable Analyzer for Trihalomethane (THM) Concentrations in Drinking Water EPD09028
Final Report
2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: Scientific Methods, Inc.
State: IN
City: Granger
Zip: 46530

Rapid Concentration of Viruses from Water EPD09032 2009 $70,000       $70,000
Engine and Vehicle Emissions Reduction
Name: TDA Research Inc.
State: CO
City: Wheat Ridge
Zip: 80033

Process-intensified Low-Cost Biodiesel Production using Meat Rendering Waste, Greases, and Food Wastes EPD08043
Final Report
2008 $70,000 EPD09047 2009 $345,000 $415,000
Green Buildings
Name: Ecovative Design, LLC
State: NY
City: Troy
Zip: 12180

Testing the Viability of Agricultural Byproducts as a Replacement for Mineral Particles in a Novel, Low Embodied Energy, Construction Material EPD09018
Final Report
2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: Sol-gel Solutions, LLC
State: FL
City: Gainesville
Zip: 32608

Indoor Air Purification via Low-Energy, In-situ Regenerated Silica-Titania Composites EPD09034
Final Report
2009 $69,795       $69,795
Homeland Security
Name: Agave BioSystems, Inc.
State: TX
City: Austin
Zip: 78708

Organophosphate Degrading Enzymes EPD09013 2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: TDA Research Inc.
State: CO
City: Wheat Ridge
Zip: 80033

A Portable Microreactor System to Synthesize Hydrogen Peroxide EPD09035 2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: EIC Laboratories Inc.
State: MA
City: Norwood
Zip: 2062

Water Security Monitoring Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy EPD08028 2008 $70,000 EPD09042 2009 $344,977 $414,977
Innovation in Manufacturing
Name: Faraday Technology Inc.
State: OH
City: Dayton
Zip: 45420

Enabling Commercialization of a Lead-Free Coating Manufacturing Process EPD09021
Final Report
2009 $69,982       $69,982
Name: Integran Technologies USA, Inc.
State: PA
City: Pittsburgh
Zip: 15241

Amorphous Alloy Surface Coatings for Hard Chromium Replacement EPD09027
Final Report
2009 $69,787       $69,787
Name: Light Curable Coatings
State: OH
City: Valley View
Zip: 44125

Chromium-Free Corrosion-Resistant Hybrid UV Coatings EPD09029
Final Report
2009 $69,997       $69,997
Name: MER Corporation
State: AZ
City: Tucson
Zip: 85706

A New Innovative Low Cost Manufacturing Process to Produce Titanium EPD08038
Final Report
2008 $70,000 EPD09044 2009 $345,000 $415,000
Monitoring and Control of Air Pollution
Name: Active Spectrum, Inc.
State: CA
City: San Carlos
Zip: 94070

Sensor for Monitoring of Particulate Emissions in Diesel Exhaust Gases EPD09012 2009 $69,807       $69,807
Name: Applied Sciences, Inc.
State: OH
City: Cedarville
Zip: 45314

Nano-Enhanced Composite Electrodesfor Electrostatic Precipitators EPD09014 2009 $69,955       $69,955
Name: Bridger Photonics, Inc.
State: MT
City: Bozeman
Zip: 59715

Hand-Held Sensor for Remotely Mapping Carbon Dioxide Pollution Sources EPD09015
Final Report
2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: Innova Tech, Inc.
State: NC
City: Research Triangle Park
Zip: 27709

Retrofit Air Pollution Control Filter for Restaurant Underfired Charbroilers EPD09026
Final Report
2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: Senspex, Inc.
State: NM
City: Rio Rancho
Zip: 87124

Nanostructured Planar Waveguide Device for Molecular Identification of Hazardous Compounds in Water by Evanescent Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy EPD09033 2009 $69,994       $69,994
Technology for Villages and Small Communities
Name: Reactive Innovations, LLC
State: MA
City: Littleton
Zip: 1460

Inexpensive Drinking Water Chlorination Unit for Small Communities EPD08041 2008 $69,990 EPD09046 2009 $344,984 $414,974
Waste Management and Monitoring
Name: Eon Research Corporation
State: CA
City: Davis
Zip: 95616

Next Generation Sediment Toxicity Testing via DNA Microarrays EPD09020 2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: Ion Signature Technology, Inc.
State: RI
City: N. Smithfield
Zip: 2896

Development of an In Situ Thermal Extraction Detection System (TEDS) for Rapid, Accurate, Quantitative Analysis of Environmental Pollutants in the Subsurface EPD09025 2009 $69,989       $69,989
Name: Membrane Technology and Research Inc.
State: CA
City: Menlo Park
Zip: 94025

High Flux Membranes to Upgrade Biogas from Anaerobic Digesters EPD09030 2009 $70,000       $70,000
Name: National Recovery Technologies Inc.
State: TN
City: Nashville
Zip: 37228

Automated Removal of Brominated Flame Retardant Material From a Mixed E-Waste Plastics Recycling Stream EPD08039
Final Report
2008 $70,000 EPD09045 2009 $345,000 $415,000
Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Name: DC Instruments
State: CA
City: Thousand Oaks
Zip: 91362

Leak Detection and Wireless Telemetry for Water Distribution and Sewerage Systems EPD09017
Final Report
2009 $69,987       $69,987
Name: Fuss & O’Neill
State: CT
City: Manchester
Zip: 6040

Electricity Generation From Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment in Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) EPD09022
Final Report
2009 $70,000       $70,000

Additional Research Projects

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